Buy L_gnogumat, item (brand A)
L_gnogumat, item (brand A)

L_gnogumat, item (brand A)

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Ukraine, Nikolaev
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Lignogumat – highly active humic fulvovy the preparation containing up to 90% of humic acids from which fulvovy acids – 25-40% in the structure. This ratio of components causes excellent properties of Lignogumat as growth stimulant, imunnomodulyator, antistressant.

Lignogumat made from liquid lignin possesses enviable stability in work thanks to structure of initial raw materials, and it – to 90% of wood of coniferous breeds, the rest – wood of deciduous breeds. As the nature did not manage to use from wood even of the substances which are easily giving most in to disintegration, unlike peat and coal, it (wood) is live source of fulvovy, humic and other organic acids, sulfurs, macro - and microelements.

The ideal proportion of fulvovy and humic acids in Lignogumat promotes increase of digestibility of nutritious components and protection against stresses, fuller implementation of biological potential of culture, provides heavy and qualitative yield.
Lignogumat's features:
stimulates growth and development of plants;
promotes transfer of nutrients through intercellular membranes;
promotes processes of synthesis of protein at which mineral nitrogen communicates in amino acids, than environmentally friendly products are provided;
reduces moisture evaporation;
promotes forming of structure of the soil (at introduction through drop or usual watering);
regulates development and safety of soil microflora;
when entering into the soil catalyzes humification process, involving in it products of metabolism of plants and products of their disintegration.
Lignogumat's application is directed on:
increase in productivity of cultures (10-30%);
improvement of quality of products (gluten at wheat – for 2-2,5%, sugar content at sugar beet, sugars, vitamin C in grapes, vegetables and fruit);
protection of plants against stresses by Lignogumat's entering into sheet top-dressings into the periods, critical for culture, and into tank mixes with SZR;
strengthening of immunity of plants;
increase zasukho-and frost resistance due to increase in root system;
increase of efficiency of processings of seed grain together with protravitel (viability, immunity increases, pathogens are suppressed);
increase of efficiency of fertilizers, pesticides, growth stimulants due to availability of properties of prilipatel at Lignogumat;
reduction of amount of fertilizers for 10-20% due to increase in root weight and its soaking-up ability and strengthening of activity of microorganisms. Lignogumat is used on all crops.


More than 7 years it is registered and is present at the market of Ukraine, it is registered in the European Union, Canada and many other countries. In Germany it is allowed for use in organic farming. For professional application the following main brands are offered:

brand A – powdery product;

the AM brand – powdery product with microelements;

brand B – 20% water solution;
the BM brand – 20% water solution with microelements.

The warranty period of storage of 5 years at temperature is not lower - 20 °C for dry product, it is not below -10 °C for liquid.

The expiration date is not limited. Packing: 1 kg, 20 kg, 5 l 10 l.

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L_gnogumat, item (brand A)
L_gnogumat, item (brand A)
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