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KV IC-F8101 radio station

KV IC-F8101 radio station

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandIcom
  • Country of manufactureJapan
  • Wave Band0.5–29.9999MHz AM

The model of professional short-wave radio station ICOM IC-F8101 is specially developed for long-distance by KV of a radio communication. The radio station is available in three various configurations of the controller to various options of installation and functions. Automatic establishment of communication, call, powerful digital alarm processor. Two types of antennas with automatic configuration, wide frequency AH-760 and compact AH-740, are compatible to new radio station.

Work on transfer in a full load cycle in the speech mode with an output power of 125 W at not ventilated design. In the mode of data transmission 25% a load cycle are provided (but no more than 5 minutes of continuous work), and at the connected external block of fans work with full loading is possible.

Three options of execution: with the fixed control panel, with the separated control panel and without control panel, but with the microphone of management.

The system of a selective call using CCIR493, 4-or 6-unit address codes and providing a possibility of personal and group calls, exchange of messages and data on location and also sendings an emergency call and testing of channels and remote shutdown (blocking) of radio station.

 The ALE system which is automatically choosing the most high-quality channel and installing the communication line. The system conforms to the Federal standard. It is compatible to the main requirements of the military standard better known as the ALE standard. The system provides a possibility of personal calls, automatic sending the probing signal for check of conditions of distribution of radio waves, and also exchange of text messages in the automatic mode.

The function of improvement of quality of a speech signal in the presence of noise operating automatically and allowing to lower requirements to qualification of the operator.

The noise suppressors of three types performing the functions respectively in the speech mode, in the mode of a call and in the S-meter mode.

The digital processor of signals - the last DSP technologies improve also quality of transfer and the characteristic of the receiver.

The GPS receiver at connection of the external GPS/GLONASS receiver, allows to send the current coordinates to other stations and shows information on location, time and height on the display.

The case is executed according to the international military MIL-STD 810 standard.

I will corrode additional USB for connection of the computer.

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KV IC-F8101 radio station
KV IC-F8101 radio station
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