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KSMG, KSKG silica gel

KSMG, KSKG silica gel

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Silica gels: KSMG / KSKG

Description of silica gels

Silica gel represents the firm hydrophilic sorbent received from the dehydrated gel of polysilicon acid. Silica gel consists of silicon dioxide and has an appearance of spherical vitreous grains. The industry applies the silica gel consisting of the granules having the size from 5 to 10-2 mm.

Types of silica gels

Silica gel is issued two types:
  • finely porous;
  • krupnoporisty;
Depending on a form of particles silica gel happens:
  • lumpy;
  • granulated.
The industry depending on porosity and a form of particles lets out the following types of silica gels:
The granulated finely porous silica gel is let out two brands:
  • KSMG (large)
  • ShSMG (furnace charge).
The granulated krupnoporisty silica gel is let out four brands:
  • KSKG (large)
  • ShSKG (furnace charge)
  • MSKG (small)
  • ASKG (activated)
Lumpy finely porous silica gel is let out four brands:
  • KSMK (large)
  • ShSMK (furnace charge)
  • MSMK (small)
  • ASMK (activated)
The sizes of particles are the basis. The first letter in an abbreviation means the following To - large, Sh - furnace charge, M - small. For example, the KSM brand is deciphered as large silica gel finely porous. The ASM brand means that the silica gel activated.
Except the above-stated types of silica gels let out indicator silica gels for control of humidity in the enclosed space.

Use of silica gel

Silica gels are widely used in various industries, especially in chemical and petrochemical. Silica gels apply as adsorbent to purification of liquids. Property of silica gels to absorb waters and solvents, for example silica gels is of great importance, put in packing of substances which are afraid of moisture. Besides, silica gels apply to division of alcohols of amino acids and other chemical compounds, and also silica gels use as carriers of catalysts. Use of silica gels as humidity indicators in the closed spaces is interesting. The chromaticity scale for an assessment of humidity of the environment is applied to such silica gels.

Packing and storage

Silica gels pack into multilayered paper bags weighing from 25 to 35 kg.
It is necessary to store silica gel in the closed and dry rooms. At storage it is necessary to meet a number of conditions:
- to protect from moisture;
- to protect from blows;
- height of stacks has to be no more than 8 rows.
It should be noted that at loss by silica gel of the adsorptive ability it can be restored using drying of silica gel or a purge heat air.
Period of storage of silica gel makes 1 year from the date of production.

Transportation of silica gels

Transportation of silica gels is carried out by the railway and motor transport in a standard original packing or with use of a tight container. When transporting silica gel from blows and hit of moisture.
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KSMG, KSKG silica gel
KSMG, KSKG silica gel
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