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KRS Shvitsky breed

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Ukraine, Kremenchug
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The Shvitsky cattle of milk type is characterized by bigger prolixity of trunk, angular forms of addition, poor development of muscles, smaller live weight and higher yields of milk in comparison with animals of meat - and - milk type. Cows of milk and meat type additions, well developed muscles have the proportional forms, on the live weight and productivity they slightly differ from milk type.
Color of animals brown, with different shades: from light gray to dark - brown. Characteristic sign — light indumentum around the nasal mirror painted in dark and lead color. On the upper line of trunk from withers to tail root indumentum lighter. At bulls the head, neck and front part of trunk have dark coloring. At cows the head short with wide forehead, the ends of horns dark; the trunk which is a little extended (slanting length of 165 - 170 cm), with the flat line of back and waist; breast deep (68 - 70 cm) and wide (44 - 46 cm), with the developed dewlap. Animals large (height in withers of 133 - 135 cm), have the strong, correctly put extremities (grasp of shank of 19 - 20 cm); harmonious constitution, well developed muscles; skin is thin, dense; indumentum short and dense; the udder is voluminous, bowl - shaped and rounded shape, pacifier of average size, cylindrical form; mammary veins are developed well.
Milk productivity of shvitsky cows makes 3000 - 3500 kg, fat content of milk — 3, 6 - 3, 8% . In cattle breedings the average yield of milk on cow raises to 4000 - 5000 kg, fat content of 3, 9 - 4, 0% , protein content of 3, 2 - 3, 6% . Receive 9000 - 10 000 kg of milk from highly productive cows. The young growth intensively grows in optimal conditions of feeding, telka of 12 - month age weigh 250 kg, 18 - month - old — 350 - 370 kg. The mass of adult cows of 500 - 550 kg, bulls — 850 - 950 kg, certain cows weigh 800 kg, and bulls — 1100 kg. Meat qualities of shvitsky cattle good. At intensive cultivation on meat the young growth gives high gains — 800 - 1000 g a day. The dressing percentage fluctuates from 50 to 60% , depending on age, fatness and the mass of animals.

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KRS Shvitsky breed
KRS Shvitsky breed
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