Buy Klar" Universal laundry detergent (fas.1,1kg)
Klar" Universal laundry detergent (fas.1,1kg)

Klar" Universal laundry detergent (fas.1,1kg)

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Ukraine, Kiev
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandKlar
  • Country of manufactureGermany
  • Weight1,1 kg
  • ConcentrateConcentrate
  • Type of washingUniversal
  • Release formPowder
  • Class washing toolsOrganic

Our protection of your health and environment!

Universal laundry detergent with extract of soap nut is suitable for washing in water of any rigidity, for white and color fabrics, for hand and machine wash. Is not suitable for washing of wool and silk! Does not contain phosphates, chlorine, fragrances. Consists only of substances of a vegetable and mineral origin. Water softener and bleach is a part of powder. Passed dermatological tests and it is recommended by association of allergic persons and asthmatics of Germany (DAAB).

Means is suitable for washing of things and linen for children beginning from the birth!

Method of application: 
use 60 ml. funds for one washing at average hardness of water and impurity of linen. For removal of resistant spots such as from cocoa, blood and ink add  Klar "Bio-soap for Removal of Spots" . For white linen add  Klar "Means for Removal of Spots (Bleach)" .

Our recommendations about complex use of means of TM Klar 30 ° - 90 °C:

For color linen: "Klar universal laundry detergent" +  "Klar softener"  **

For white linen: "Klar universal laundry detergent" +  "Klar a softener"  ** +  "Klar means for removal of spots (bleach)" .

  • as in Ukraine mainly hard water we recommend to use regularly
    Water softener. The softener not only improves result of washing as soft water
    promotes removal of pollution from fabric, but also protects your car from education
    scums. Please also note that a scum in the washing machine one of the first
    reasons of bad result of washing. Therefore we recommend to carry out cleaning from time to time
    your washing machine from a scum by means of  means Klar for removal of a scum
  • second cycle rinsing

extract of soap nut, soap from vegetable oil, bleach on an oxygen basis, sugar surfactant (derivatives of potatoes, corn, beet, a sugar cane), poliasparaginovy acid (from mollusks, corals), soda, lemon acid, vegetable soap, sodium, vegetable starch, silicate, bleach, zeolite (mineral).

Expiration date 3 years.

The goods are certified, have the Conclusion of the state sanitary and epidemiologic examination and do not exert an adverse effect on health.

Producer: AlmaWin Reinigungskonzentrate GmbH, Talstras.2, D-37644, Winterbach, Germany.

  • 1,1 kg – the 20th washing                       the price are 265 UAH
  • 2,475 kg – 45 washings (Saving 18%)       the price are 479 UAH
  • 4,4 kg – 80 washings (Saving 22%)         the price are 815 UAH,1

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Klar" Universal laundry detergent (fas.1,1kg)
Klar" Universal laundry detergent (fas.1,1kg)
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