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Katyusha moonshine still

Katyusha moonshine still

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandДобровар
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Katyusha moonshine still

Very often we hear complaints concerning poor quality of the vodka which is on sale in shops. To secure itself against low-quality drink, it is possible to be engaged independently in production of moonshine in house conditions which taste and quality will leave behind the best grades of whisky or a grappa.

Operation of the moonshine still is based on distillation of alcohol from in advance prepared home brew. You will find a set of recipes and recommendations about the choice of ingredients and preparation of moonshine in the Internet. "Katyusha" - the moonshine still which will make moonshining process simple and pleasant.

The important advantage of the Katyusha moonshine still - a possibility of its modernization. You can choose extent of cleaning. Applying special nozzles, tsag, you can reach 20, 50, 65% of cleaning, varying the fortress and taste of the received moonshine. The electronic thermometer allows to control rigidly heating process that at the exit to receive a product, ideal to taste.

For whom the moonshine still the Katyusha is intended?

  • For those who like to enjoy taste of with own hand made drinks.
  • For those who like to think out new drinks, to use new recipes.
  • For those who do not trust quality of store vodka.
  • Besides, the moonshine still – an original and useful gift

Technical characteristics:

Distillation mode to 3 l/hour at home brew distillation, to 6 l/hour at repeated distillation of moonshine
Rectification mode it is possible at installation additional rectifying tsarg
Material stainless steel with thickness of walls of 2 mm
Height over capacity 22 cm
Adjusting diameter 17 mm
Production Russia

5 years (serial number on each product)

The pressure cooker is not included in the package

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Katyusha moonshine still
Katyusha moonshine still
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