Buy Jam apple, apricot, strawberry, raspberry
Jam apple, apricot, strawberry, raspberry

Jam apple, apricot, strawberry, raspberry

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  • Taste/Flavorяблоко, абрикос, клубника, малина
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Jam in assorty. kg 10,5 14,8 15 apple, apricot, strawberry, raspberry

Jam is called the food product which is received by boiling of berry or fruit puree with addition of sugar or fragrant spicery like carnation and cinnamon. In comparison with jam, has this appearance of preservation more firm texture, it is simple to knife it. Besides, jam contains much more fruit pulp, than in jam as process of its cooking (jelling) lasts much longer.

This sweet product represents homogeneous mass of brown or brown shade without firm impregnations and with sourish and sweet fruit taste. At least 66% of solids and 60% (and more) sugar have to be part of jam. It is usually packed into banks or barrels though in Soviet period jam is frequent it was possible to buy and by weight: this dense smeared weight was cut on pieces, packing up in dense paper. Among "cut" types of jam enjoyed special popularity apple, plum, cherry and apricot.

As a rule, this sweet preservation is made of ripe plodoyagodny raw materials, mainly of apples and cowberry. Suit for cooking of jam as half of fruits (for example, apricots or plums), and passed via the meat grinder (of course, after removal of all inedible particles) ripe or overripe raw materials. For this delicacy it is possible to take practically any fruit, but the best types of product turn out from those fruits which contain huge amount of pectins. If you use generally berry raw materials which do not differ in richness of the specified elements, then it is necessary to add to it apple puree (its share has to make about a half of volume from lump).

The quantity of raw materials for production of this entertainment in house conditions has to keep within 10 kg, otherwise is inevitable prigar with its characteristic smells and the shattered culinary hopes of the hostess. Cook jam in pan or basin from stainless steel or aluminum, it is quite good to use the superficial enameled ware for this business. For preparation of mashed potatoes fruits at first sort on unripe, spoiled, well suitable, etc., further clear them of rotten pulp and stones then wash. Fruit cut on pieces or segments, then razvarivat to softness. At this stage the raw materials need to be ground through sieve and to continue to uvarivat mashed potatoes to half of weight. Jam is cooked on weak fire, regularly stirring slowly with wooden spoon or scapula that it has not burned. At the end of preparation it is necessary to add sugar gradually. By the way, some culinary specialists recommend to cook this fruit sweet step by step: that is to devote to this process several days and to daily cook 5 times. Ready jam hot is packaged in the dry and a little warmed up banks then they are corked hermetically and cooled with air. The "correct" jam separates from spoon lumps.

Jam is generally drunk with tea and smeared on bread, and also added to pastries and different bakery goods.

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Jam apple, apricot, strawberry, raspberry
Jam apple, apricot, strawberry, raspberry
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