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Iodine monochlorated

Iodine monochlorated

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Ukraine, Kiev
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Technical characteristics
  • Brandимпорт
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Iodine one-chloride, art.256480301

This means is characterized by a wide range of antimicrobic action, is active concerning grampolozhitelny and gramotritsatelny microorganisms, including tuberculosis mikobakteriya, and also viruses and mushrooms, dispute, an ootsist of koktsidiya, eggs of a number of helminths. Apply it in the form of aerosols and water solutions to the preventive and compelled processing of processing equipment of livestock and poultry-farming rooms, auxiliary objects and stock, refrigerators, chervovoden, to processing of an egg-shell and an udder of cows, and also for treatment of the animals struck with cutting it is deprived.

The preliminary sink of rooms is not always obligatory as the hydrochloric acid which is a part of a preparation lizirut proteinaceous connections, providing contact of a disinfectant with pathogenic microorganisms even on the polluted surfaces. This preparation is effective also at anthrax: it dissolves a multilayered cover of sporous forms of bacteria, steady against factors of external environment, that in power to very few disinfectants. It is convenient to them to process both large collective, and small farms.

In recent years there were new preparations for disinfection and sanitation including foreign production. Despite it iodine holds one-chloride more than 50 years among them a leading position. Today many veterinarians prefer to use this means.

For application of a preparation of need for expensive equipment is not present.

Its low cost, profitability and simplicity in the address attract. Iodine - and chloraluminium, received from compound of iodine one-chloride with aluminum is unique and convenient a way of exothermic sublimation of vapors (shaving from this metal, powder, wire pieces etc.). For this purpose the glass or enameled capacities with a capacity not less than 2-3 l (one capacity is calculated on 500 m3) place or hang out at identical distance from each other and from walls of the processed room at the height of 1-1,5 m, fill them with iodine one-chloride (3 ml / mz) and lower in it aluminum (50 g by 1 l of means). Exothermic reaction begins in 1–2 minutes and 5–10 minutes depending on purity of aluminum and temperature of iodine one-chloride proceed. The exposition from the beginning of parovydelitelny reaction makes 35–37 minutes. Processing is carried out by 3–4 times with an interval in three days.

Besides, apply iodine one-chloride and it is small-drop, and also a watering method at the African plague of pigs, anthrax, infectious atrophic rhinitis, an ugly face of pigs, viral hepatitis of ducklings, a foot-and-mouth disease, an infectious enterotoksemiya and a bradsot of sheep, tuberculosis of animals and birds, respiratory mycoplasmosis of a bird and salmonellosises, at a koktsidioza of rabbits and birds, a paraskaridoza of horses and an askaridoza of pigs, at strongilyatoza and strongiloidoza, at infectious diseases of caterpillars of a silkworm.

Thus, iodine one-chloride is irreplaceable at treatment and prevention of many diseases. For prevention of corrosion action it is expedient to process the metal equipment (separately from surfaces of rooms) iodine one-chloride, dissolved in the trietilenglikol in the ratio 1: 9.

Polyatomic alcohol trietilenglikol possesses unique disinfecting properties, and also ability to connect microbic dust which even after drying of a preparation does not rise in air.


Main attributes
Country producer Russia
The producer - Import
Species of animals Poultry, - Pigs, - Sheep, - the Cattle (C)

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Iodine monochlorated
Iodine monochlorated
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