Buy Interjerny gardening by the Flower Tray 8,5*3 system... 2
Interjerny gardening by the Flower Tray 8,5*3 system... 2

Interjerny gardening by the Flower Tray 8,5*3 system... 2

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Advantages of system "flower tray" before competitors (phytoboxes, phytopanels, free-standing pottery designs, hydroponic and ayeroponny systems on a felt basis, etc.:

1) simplicity of installation and dismantle (to fix to a vertical by means of 2 krepezhy, screws, screws, self-tapping screws, etc.);

2) unification of geometry and dimensional elements of a design under standard pottery products for plants in which they are also realized to the inhabitant ("europot" 8,5 … 12,0 or with the largest diameter of cone of 83,5 ….120 mm respectively), tubes, drainages, a fitting for watering and arrangement of autowatering;

3) a possibility of individual adjustment of spatial or perimetric restrictions when forming the area of a phytowall (it is ordered individually);

4) an opportunity to vary depth of vertical gardening within 90 … 160 mm (without splendor of live plants);

5) the possibility of a dense zasadka of plants is (in some cases 1,7 times more dense), than at competitive cluster systems with application of the best known phytodesign receptions and decisions;

6) a possibility of change of decorative flower drawing on a phytowall without labor-consuming and traumatic change of plants, creation of festive greetings or other images;

7) good functionality for cultivation, both decorative, and fruit and berry, - vegetable plants (from seedling to fruits) in the minimized space (at arrangement of artificial lighting and autowatering;

8) the best conditions of watering of plants, application of fertilizers and medicines which minimize self-infection or distribution of diseases/wreckers (with the provided possibility of adjustment of intensity/level of watering);

9) reduction of noisiness of watering and remoistening of space, localization (prevention of distribution) of processes, pernicious for plants;

10) available simplicity and reliability of system practically to any inhabitant.


The construct of installation is simple and available

1. The rigid basis of a vertical is used: a brick or concrete wall, a welded frame from metal rolling, or two guides mortgage of an aluminum flat shape / strip, a steel corrosion-proof strip, wooden or other drevesinosoderzhashchy whetstone, a polymeric or composite leaf and td. If the surface of fastening adsorbs moisture, it is previously protected a polyethylene film. Previously having leveled a tray across and, zasverliv on the centers of eyes of an opening under fixture, attach it, in a collected state, to a vertical basis. The following tray in a column (from below up), is aligned automatically on angular guides of the lower row. Ranks are closed on a basic face side of a tray, providing uniformity of an arrangement of pots on the area of a phytopicture. The quantity of rows in a column ― is not limited. For removal of a tray, it is necessary, previously to take out pottery plants and to turn off fixture. It is possible to remove a tray without dismantling all phytowall. Re-montazh it is made upside-down, using old openings under fixture.

2. The watering tube (max. diameter of 16 mm, fig. 2) is laid, or vertically in a cut from a tray end face (both the right, and left placement – at choice) or, can leave directly a wall (a hinge plate design), in the top tray. On its hinged surface, one-two clips (A with-shaped galvanized plate or kapron the ZIP collars) fastens over pots, by means of krepezhy (self-tapping screws, screws and t.p) which at the same time hold also a tray. In the top row from the main tube, through an angular knee, the capillary tape is taken away or, directly on a tube the compensated nozzle is mounted (in the elementary systems ― branch is left and its productivity is regulated by the main/starting crane). One bringing tube can provide watering of several columns. If it is necessary to separate levels and frequency of watering, then columns or set of ranks can be powered by separate underwater and by-pass tubes. Supply of nutritious liquid (water), maybe, will be carried out according to any famous scheme (the pump, the valve batcher, directly from a water tap (water socket) with the put-on tube, etc.).

3. Adjustment of level of liquid – is very simple and available – is made before installation of a tray on a phytowall (cm of fig. 2).

The conical part in drainage openings, presses before self-consolidation by a ring flute, two rubber plugs.

The angular knee of a drainage of F16 of mm, is pressed by effort of a hand, in a plug opening from below of a tray (in the direction of the pot bottom) before increase of level of the beginning of dumping of water, and at drainage of plants – on the contrary – is delayed from the pot bottom, lowering the level of watering (fig. 2).

Leveling watering level in each separate tray, water flows down on drainage shumogasitel (elastic PVC of a tube F12. 16 mm dressed on the lower withdrawal of a knee of a drainage) from a tray in a tray. Excess liquid, gathers under the lower row in a by-pass pipe, through tees, (or sewer PPT, it is desirable with a diameter not less than 32 mm.)/a trench/capacity / tank / bucket and t.p) and, further – dumping into the sewerage. "The aquarian way" is possible, but it is not recommended.

Important!!! The lower end of a shumogasitelny tube should not be shipped in a sheet of water of the lower tray or by-pass capacity, and only, a slanting cut to concern a wall of a tray or an external surface of a pot.

Time of the passage is selected individually (depending on the size of a wall and a species of pottery plants). It is necessary to consider effect of absorption of liquid by a substratum or other nutrient medium in pots ("plants are drunk" level in a tray goes down).

4. Provided that the phytopicture is formed in one column, on 1 sq.m it is necessary 20 big (pot No. 12) and 40 small (pot No. 8,5) a tray.

Since 3 columns (see fig. 3), on 1 sq.m 19 and 39 pieces a tray, respectively, etc. on decrease will be required already. It is caused by the fact that in the lower row it is necessary to consider additional 35 and 21 mm of height of a tray, at a step of ranks 136,5 and 94 of mm (see fig. 1). The weight of one tray, without pottery plants, makes only 450 gr. ― big and 140 gr. ― small.

Depending on quantity of vertical rows of the project of a phytodesign of gardening on 1 sq.m of a vertical surface it is necessary for 19... 20 big flower and pottery tray and at the same time "zasadka" will make 57 or 60 plants. There is a technology of formation mono - and parnogorshkovy components a tray, angular and other spatial modifications. Each tray is delivered with couple of drainages and sealants for watering adjustment.

5. Simplicity of installation and ease of service – a merit of the intellectual decisions applied in a tray design. They are the reason of reliability and long service of designs of vertical gardening, increase growth of plants and resistance to diseases. Each phytopicture can have the design. The phytodesigner has the right to design as to him dictate the terms of the specification on a picture. The instruction only shows the guaranteed result and universality for a set of decisions.

Apply for additional information individually.


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Interjerny gardening by the Flower Tray 8,5*3 system... 2
Interjerny gardening by the Flower Tray 8,5*3 system... 2
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