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Installation of the software

Installation of the software

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Professional setup of computers/laptops in Kiev for the companies and individuals appears qualified specialists with departure in the shortest possible time. Entrust repair of the computer or laptop to skilled experts. Addressing in our service, you save time and money.

We provide to the clients the following services:

· Computer help and service:

- setup of the new computer or laptop;

- reinstallation of Windows;

- installation and control of the Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server operating systems and other OS;

- replacement of an operating system;

- the Windows XP/Vista/7/8 installation on one computer;

- installation and additional software setup and utilities;

- optimization of work of system;

- search, check and removal of viruses, installation and control of an antivirus.

· Installation of alternative OS:

- Ubuntu Linux installation in Kiev;

· Setup of computers (laptops):

- diagnostics of the computer (laptop), detection of malfunction;

- modernization of the computer, laptop (upgrade);

- restoration of an operating system;

- recovery of the lost data on the hard drive;

- removals of the password from Bios, reinsertion of Bios;

- elimination of program failures;

- search and installation of necessary drivers;

- replacement of the hard drive with saving data;

- replacement of faulty accessories;

- scheduled maintenance.

· Installation and control of operating systems, software:

- operating systems of family Microsoft Windows XP/Vista, Windows Server;

- Microsoft Office, Open Office;

- antivirusnyeprogramma, firewall;

- programs for work with mail;

- programs for work with graphics;

- multimedia programs;

- programs for work about the Internet, network programs;

- installation of unlimited number of additional programs and utilities according to your desire;

- installation of the additional software.

· Connection to the Internet and control of a network:

- installation of the modem, network payment;

- connection, installation and control of remote Internet access;

- help in the choice of provider and/or tariff;

- installation of the software for work with remote access;

- installation of anti-virus programs for protection of the computer against malicious applications and breaking;

- installation and control of a local network;

- at

· Connection of peripheral and other devices:

- various printers, scanners, faxes and MFP;

- stereo speakers and other acoustic devices;

- game devices;

- mobile devices.

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Installation of the software
Installation of the software
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