Order Installation of a stretch ceiling in the nursery from saros design
Installation of a stretch ceiling in the nursery from saros design

Installation of a stretch ceiling in the nursery from saros design

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Ukraine, Petropavlovskaja borschagovka
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  • stretch ceilings of SAROS DESIGN in Kiev it is the company which specializes in high-quality and fast installation of stretch ceilings and "turnkey" tension walls. [/b]

    and it is not advertizing, but ascertaining of the fact as our stretch ceilings are already established in such LCD

    ZhK "Emerald" d VOKZAL, ZhK of "Tea",

    ZhK of "Rest" of SVYaTOShINO, ZhK "Park of the Avenue", GOLOSEEVKA,

    ZhK "Parkov m_sto" VYSHGORODSKAYA St., 45, ZhK "Water colors", CHERRY,

    Page ZhK "Petropavlovsky". Peter and Paul Borshchagovka,

    ZHK "zeleny ostrov" St. of SIKORSKOGO,

    ZhK PETROVSKY QUARTER village Petrovsky,



    What invoices are chosen by our clients most often?

    Are opaque and sateen on the first place (these invoices imitate ideal whitewashing and at the same time hide all roughnesses of a real ceiling)

    On the second place - glossy invoices - they expand space thanks to smooth surface - chocolate shades very beautifully look)

    Unique projects - stretch ceilings and tension walls with the art press are on the third place

    On the fourth place there are multilevel stretch ceilings of round and oval forms and curvilinear designs of the �волна� type

    On the fifth place there are �звездное projects небо�

    All options at the request of the client are highlighted by either the LED built-in lamps or illumination.

    What requirements are necessary at installation of stretch ceilings?

    At installation of stretch ceilings there is neither dirt, nor dust, and the heat gun can damage only to window plants and therefore stretch ceilings do not demand special preparatory process

    and at the same time process of installation will take half an hour to three.

    And the most important benefit of a stretch ceiling in a bathroom and a toilet is 100% an insurance from floodings of neighbors from above and as a result - lack of unplanned repairs, conflict situations and nervous breakdowns at a showdown!

    At the same time the stretch ceiling does not demand leaving (at pollution it is possible to wipe with means a la Mr. a muscle, it is better on the basis of alcohol) and at the same time the company gives 10 years of a guarantee

    The only thing that the tension ceiling is afraid of - it is careless handling of the sharp objects applied at installation of furniture or a pokleyka of wall-paper.

    SO, you vzvestit all pros and cons and then you:

    - you call

    - our measurer leaves free of charge (to 20 km - howl zones of Kiev) with the catalog of invoices and flowers and free of charge makes recommendations, what stretch ceiling to you it is better to establish

    - On the place our measurer counts order cost

    - Signs the joint contract. After signing of the contract

    - You agree about terms of installation and within a day you can already count on installation - If you want to discuss in more detail nuances of installation with our managers in the telephone mode or to come to office to look at examples of stretch ceilings visually and to choose option with the art press - our office is in the area Big District near the Wallpaper market and Epicentre on Amber)

    - if you want on a ceiling or on a wall to place a photo printing with a separate site of filling with an ornament or full filling - the company will free of charge provide you a coloring test (we pay your attention all photo printing is made on the plotter by what and solvent ink which passed certification on environmental friendliness, as well as all film of tension

    If there are questions - write us

    you can look at installation process here


    call! come! write!

    The best assessment of our work is your gratitude!!!

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Installation of a stretch ceiling in the nursery from saros design
Installation of a stretch ceiling in the nursery from saros design
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