Order Inserts radical - Replacement of MAN
Inserts radical - Replacement of MAN

Inserts radical - Replacement of MAN

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In the conditions of those physical and temperature activities which the cranked shaft happens to transfer, to hold it on an axis and only sliding bearings can ensure functioning of the krivoshipno - shatunny mechanism. Radical and shatunny necks carry out function of internal holders, and inserts, respectively, external. The network of oil pipelines on which under big pressure to inserts engine oil moves is provided in system of the block of the motor. It creates a thin oil film which reduces friction force and allows the crankshaft to rotate.

Physical wear is the first and main condition because of which it is necessary to change inserts. How we wanted to avoid wear, but surfaces of necks and inserts are gradually erased, the gap between them increases, the crankshaft receives a free wheeling, oil pressure sharply decreases. All this leads to breakages of motors.

Other reason of the compelled repair is a situation when inserts of the crankshaft are turned. Each car owner happened to hear about similar malfunctions, but as well as why it occurs, not everyone knows. The thin plate of an insert keeps within in, so - called, a bed. On external walls of half rings special short moustaches (ledges) which after assembly rest against face parts of the block or a cover of bearings are provided.

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Inserts radical - Replacement of MAN
Inserts radical - Replacement of MAN
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