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Industrial flooring.

Industrial flooring.

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  • the pressed trellised flooring framed with strip steel. Panels of a flooring of various standard sizes with nominal distance between the bearing strips of 33 mm are offered. Height and thickness of the bearing strip pays off proceeding from size and type of load of a flooring and from 20х1,5 to 100х5 can fluctuate;
  • at loading the deflection cannot exceed 1/200 distances between support but no more than 4 mm. Calculation of a deflection is made proceeding from the concentrated loading of Fp operating on the conditional area of 200х200 mm;
  • maximum sizes of panels of a flooring of 3000х1200 mm., where 1200 mm - on length of an integumentary strip (technological restriction);
  • as a rule, use of square panels is not recommended;
  • the departure of console sites more than on 300 mm is not allowed;
  • width of basic part has to be not less than 30 mm;
  • in case distance between a flooring and the next obstacle more than 50 mm, but less than 300 mm., the frame strip from an obstacle is replaced with a protective floor level 180 mm high;
  • at distance more than 300 mm. additional installation of hand-rail and a protective floor level is required;
  • in case of passing through a flooring of pipelines or the equipment the distance between a flooring and the pipeline or the equipment has to make 50 mm. (taking into account movement and isolation) if other is not provided by the project;
  • in case of passing through a flooring of pipelines or the equipment with a diameter more than 250 mm., the protecting floor level has to act over a flooring on 50 mm;
  • as a rule, the industrial flooring is zinced with method of hot galvanizing, however can be delivered also without covering.
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Industrial flooring.
Industrial flooring.
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