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Illumination of paths in a garden

Illumination of paths in a garden

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Illumination of paths in a garden Landscape lighting- it not only functional need of extension of light day, but also decorative effect of a garden.

Today art landscape lighting of the estate - illumination of statues, fountains, falls, pools, reservoirs, - is prestigious attribute and an indicator of the status of the modern successful person.

The scale of street lamps is presented by the most various illuminants. Among them - the graceful park lamps, garden columns, front suspensions and a sconce executed in different styles - from classics to a modernist style, from rural to hi-tech and light-emitting diode. Park lamps are intended for lighting of places of mass rest of people, garden, park zones.

It is important to decide also on places of lighting. First of all is an entrance part of the house and a path as they are most often used.

Often lamps place also on fences as illusion of full illumination of a site, and also pointwise is created. Correctly and competently placed elements of lighting will allocate the most advantageous elements of a site - architectural features of structures, valuable breeds of plants, the Alpine hill or a reservoir.

Color of elements of lighting also has influence on the general atmosphere - yellow, hot creates a house warm, house environment, blue or white - on the contrary - cold. Different colors of illumination create illusion of a holiday.

Adjustability of lighting can also be different - from pressing of the button before automatic inclusion (switching off). It is important to understand what optimality of lighting on a concrete site - too dark garden oppresses, and too bright - creates vulnerability illusion.

There are several main methods of landscape lighting:

• illumination from top to down • illumination from below up • illumination of ways (walking paths, access roads) • back illumination (it is used for creation of silhouettes, shadows) • dot lighting (it is used for drawing attention) • underwater lighting

Important according to a garden there is not just a choice of points of lighting, but also the choice of the lamp. Most often, we are limited only to its form. Actually, it is more important to choose even not the lamp, but lamps which will give this or that lighting effect.

Luminescent lamps - their use in a garden will require expensive moisture-proof case. Besides, lamps with luminescent lamps quite large, and such light it is more difficult to operate.

Halogen lampybyvat absolutely tiny, but their main shortcoming - strong heating, respectively and smaller service life, and for the plants placed nearby, additional heat that is not always good.

Especially attentively it is necessary to approach the choice of lamps for covering of water objects - they have to be protected from a water erosion and are insulated from hit of water on contact.

The "advanced" house owners prefer to include in a landscape of the sites a new type of lighting - light-emitting diodes. They allow to create the most unusual lighting effects, and at the same time are deprived of many shortcomings of traditional light sources.
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Illumination of paths in a garden
Illumination of paths in a garden
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