Buy Hydrogen peroxide (35%, 60%)
Hydrogen peroxide (35%, 60%)

Hydrogen peroxide (35%, 60%)

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Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), H2O2 — the simplest representative of peroxides. Colourless liquid with "metal" taste, beyond all bounds soluble in water, alcohol and ether. The concentrated aqueous solutions are explosive. Hydrogen peroxide is good solvent.

It is used in analytical chemistry, in medicine, as frother by production of the porous materials, in production disinfecting and the bleaching means. In the industry hydrogen peroxide also finds the application as the catalyst, the hydrogenant agent as the epoxidizing agent at epoxidation of olefins. In medicine solutions of hydrogen peroxide are applied as an antiseptic agent. At contact with the injured skin and mucous hydrogen peroxide under the influence of enzyme of a catalase breaks up with release of oxygen that promotes turning of blood and creates adverse conditions for development of microorganisms. However such action is short and has weak effect. Nevertheless, hydrogen peroxide (the pharmaceutical name — peroxide of hydrogen, 3%) is applied when preprocessing wounds (including opened). Peroxide of hydrogen is very effective for treatment of small scratches, especially at children — it does not "pinch", has no smell, is colourless.
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Hydrogen peroxide (35%, 60%)
Hydrogen peroxide (35%, 60%)
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