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Hydrodistributors | Distributors hydraulic

Hydrodistributors | Distributors hydraulic

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Hydrodistributors | Distributors hydraulic

The hydraulic distributor, the hydrodistributor — the device intended for management of hydraulic streams in a hydraulic system by means of external influence (signal).

The hydrodistributor
operates the movement of an output link of a hydraulic engine by the redirection of streams of working liquid.

divide as the locking regulating elements on spool-type, crane, valvate, jet and "nozzle gate" distributors.

Spool-type distributors gained the greatest distribution in a hydraulic actuator thanks to simplicity of their production, compactness and high safety in operation. They are applied at very high values of pressure (to 32 MPas) and considerably heavy expenses, than crane distributors.

Crane distributors in a hydraulic actuator found the broadest application. Structurally their locking element is executed in the form of a cylindrical, conic, spherical stopper or in the form of the flat rotary crane.

Valvate distributors. The main lack of the most widespread spool-type distributors are leaks which do not allow to hold a hydraulic engine under loading in a motionless state, and also impossibility of work with high pressures (over 32 MPas). In such cases the valvate distributors having the sizes and weight, but hydrolines allowing to block hermetically increased in comparison with zolotniks are preferable to position switching. Valvate distributors are used, generally in hydraulic systems in which it is necessary to provide good tightness. For this purpose the locking element of the distributor is carried out, as a rule, in the form of the conic or spherical valve.

In the "nozzle gate" hydrodistributor the principle of creation of hydraulic dividers of pressure is used.

The Gidrotek Ukraine company delivers distributors of hydraulic (hydrodistributors) of the following manufacturing firms:
  • Argo Hytos;
  • Aron;
  • Atos;
  • Bieri;
  • BLB;
  • Bondioli & Pavesi;
  • Bosch Rexroth;
  • Brand Hydraulics;
  • Bucher;
  • CBF;
  • Command Controls;
  • Continental Hydraulics;
  • Cross;
  • Delta Power;
  • Denison;
  • Doering;
  • Dropsa;
  • Duplomatic;
  • Dynatec;
  • Eaton;
  • Enerpac;
  • Europress;
  • Fer Hydraulik;
  • Finotek;
  • Fluid Team;
  • FP Hydraulique;
  • H+L;
  • Haglunds;
  • Hawe;
  • Herion;
  • Hoerbiger;
  • HPT;
  • Hid-Tek;
  • HPI;
  • Hydac;
  • Hydr-App;
  • HydraForce;
  • Hydrocontrol;
  • Hydronit;
  • Hydropa;
  • Hydroven;
  • Jung Fluidtechnik;
  • Kawasaki;
  • Kladivar;
  • Kracht;
  • LC Oleodinamica;
  • Linde;
  • Lokomec;
  • LuEn;
  • Moog;
  • Norgren;
  • Oilgear;
  • Oleostar;
  • Orsta Hydraulics;
  • Parker;
  • Ponar;
  • Power-Hydraulik;
  • Sauer Danfoss;
  • Snap-tite;
  • Tai-Huei;
  • Vickers;
  • Voith;
  • Wandfluh;
  • Yuken.

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Hydrodistributors | Distributors hydraulic
Hydrodistributors | Distributors hydraulic
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