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The hookah of Mafia is one of prototypes of a series of design hookahs of Meduse Sepia. Meduse - these hookahs, are known at the international level in hookah business of luxury range.

For many years the workshop "SLK" pays special attention to the choice of materials and improvement  of details in production of hookahs, and also magnificent style for the products. Each detail of our hookahs gives the beauty and emphasizes the value of the work. 

Having connected two directions, glass-blowing skill and art of turning business, we created unsurpassed design of a hookah of Mafia. 

The model of a hookah Mafia is allocated with unsurpassed luxury and the true elegance of the product.


Full writing:

  • Support

The stylish, reliable support is executed from an integral metal leaf, reminding the graceful invoice of a cloth of the broderie anglaise. The support is processed by high-quality powder paint in a polymerization chamber.

Color – black "Antratsyt"

Height –

Diameter –

  • Flask

Our glass flask is allocated with bubbles of "Biot" in glass which are capable to tell magic light refraction in a transparent body of a hookah that can cause the most various associations in the viewer. On the top plane of a refined flask 2 ports which are intended for hoses are located. At desire to use one hose, to the second port you will be able to put the valve for a hookah purge. 

Color – transparent

Volume –

Height –

Diameter –

  • Silicone sealant for HA-000-001 flask

Is a universal accessory as it can be used in several models of a hookah. Also this detail can be executed in a certain color, "making a start" from design of a hookah not to break harmony of color.

Serves for consolidation of a glass bowl in a flask, thus, pressurizing it.

  • The holder (stripper) for a glass bowl of HA-000-002

The holder is made of stainless steel.

For removal serves hotter than a bowl from a hookah. Use of this subject will allow quickly, quickly and safely to replace a bowl with new.

  • Bowl for HA-000-003 tobacco

Innovative glass bowl with corrosion-proof mine for tobacco.

in a design way "smastachena" from heat-resistant Simax glass, on similarity of a vessel of the Dewar. The bowl does not demand a foil, thereby accelerates process of preparation of a hookah. The glass bowl connects to corrosion-proof mine by means of a threaded connection. On submersible part of mine the diffuser which bears function of reduction of the sizes of bubbles is located, doing smoking process almost silent.

  • Strainer for HA-000-004 tobacco

The strainer for a hookah bowl is executed from a qualitative stainless steel which passed finishing processing of a surface. Is located on a bottom of a glass bowl, has the round form with cuts, in the form of graceful petals.

  • Strainer for HA-000-005 coal

The strainer for coal is made of a qualitative stainless steel. Has the round form, it is fixed on the top walls of a bowl by means of three curved, florid fastenings. 

  • Vetrozashchita HA-000-006

The glass, heat-resistant vetrozashchita is intended for temporary use of temperature condition of coals. 

Material - heat-resistant Simax glass.

Diameter – 75 mm

Height - 70 mm

  • Silicone sealant for HA-000-007 hose

The silicone sealant is necessary for reliable, tight connection of a flask with a hose. Is a universal accessory as it can be used in several models of a hookah. Also this detail can be executed in a certain color, "making a start" from design of a hookah not to break harmony of color.

  • Hose

The silicone hose is made of high-quality, flexible silicone, placed in the strengthening braid from a poliestrovy thread of production of the USA. Also at a hose there is a spring which does not allow silicone to break.

It is long - 1,7m

Color of a hose – white.

  • Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece from heat-resistant Simax glass of handwork with metal elements. 

Fastens to a hose on a threaded connection. On a glass body of a mouthpiece there is a stylized design engraving.

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Hookah of "Mafia
Hookah of "Mafia
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