Buy Home portable device of diamond microgrinding and cleaning of Skinea
Home portable device of diamond microgrinding and cleaning of Skinea

Home portable device of diamond microgrinding and cleaning of Skinea

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandSkineat
  • Country of manufactureChina

The device for diamond microdermabrasion of Skineat D17 differs in an opportunity to work in two modes:


1. A mechanical peeling or diamond microdermabrasion (3 replaceable nozzles) - for removal of the horny layers of skin, pigmentary spots, freckles, spots after ultra-violet influence, small wrinkles, smoothing of texture of skin, reduction of scars (post-acne) reduction of a time and their quantity, normalization of work of sebaceous glands, etc.

2. Vacuum cleaning of skin + a drainage (5 nozzles of a different form and diameter) - for removal of excess grease allocations from a time, reduction of fat content of skin, narrowing of a time, removal of superficial black points, blood circulation improvement, reduction of small wrinkles, improvement of a tone and appearance of skin


This device of a diamond peeling is specially created for work in house conditions (but it can also be used also in professional activity if not to give on it big loadings). Existence of replaceable nozzles and adjustment of power of influence allows to carry out painless and safe procedures on skin of various type. The device best of all is suitable for the person and zonalno on a body.


Advantages and features of the device for diamond microdermabrasion of Skineat D17:

  • 2 types of influence: function of vacuum cleaning of skin in addition to a mechanical nontraumatic diamond peeling
  • 3 replaceable diamond nozzles
  • 3 replaceable vacuum nozzles of different diameter and form
  • 3 power levels will allow to adjust the device for safe work depending on sensitivity and type of skin
  • function of the timer - control of operating time of the device from 0 to 30 minutes
  • ultra-violet illumination which during the procedure gets on depth 0.5mm and normalizes development of a grease secret restores processes of self-cleaning of skin, helping with fight against acne rash and acne, reduces irritations


Begin the procedure of diamond microgrinding in only several steps:


  1. Clear skin of pollution that on it completely there was no make-up, any oils, lotions, etc. Make sure that skin completely dry before use.
  2. Be trained - for the first time use a plastic nozzle without diamond dusting and practise at the minimum power having worked on massage lines of the person, at the same time fix skin a hand in the tense state that the nozzle moved more smoothly and smoothly. Always you keep the device in the movement during the procedure.
  3. Then begin the first procedure of a peeling with use of a diamond nozzle at the minimum power of vacuum. On your personal feelings and extent of reddening estimate on how many your skin is sensitive to procedures of this sort. Perhaps at the following procedure you can increase vacuum power. Also, during the procedure for a start try to do only one repetition (carrying out) on the line, perhaps, further increase repetitions depending on a zone of processing and a scope, for example: post-acne or hems.
  4. Right after processing wash up and dry up skin. Put the calming toner and the moisturizing restoration cream. It is, also, desirable to apply cream with SPF protection especially in time of the year with the active sun.
  5. You carry out treatment once each 6-7 days. It allows to restore a new layer of skin as during treatment you delete dead skin. During the next 6-7 days your skin will be restored and accrue new cages.
  6. Wash up nozzles under water, process alcohol-containing or antibacterial solution


Contraindications. Chronic skin diseases in a sharp phase, injuries of skin (psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, grazes, scratches, burns, etc.), a hypertension in a serious phase, IBS, sharp herpes, infections, skin allergies in a sharp phase, oncological diseases, a sharp couperosis, diabetes, tendency to keloidny and hypertrophic hems (a keloidny disease), mental disorders, epilepsy.


Complete set:

  • the device for a diamond dermabraziya – 1 piece.
  • bag for storage of the device and accessories - 1 piece.
  • diamond nozzles – 3 pieces.
  • vacuum nozzles – 3 pieces.
  • cartridge of the wadded filter – 2 pieces.
  • cartridge of the spongy filter – 1 piece.
  • the spongy filter – 10 pieces.
  • the wadded filter – 30 pieces.
  • silicone rings – 6 pieces.
  • the network power supply unit – 1 piece.
  • protective cover – 1 piece.
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Home portable device of diamond microgrinding and cleaning of Skinea
Home portable device of diamond microgrinding and cleaning of Skinea
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