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Heparin (Heparinum)

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Description: Anticoagulant of direct action. Influences directly fibrillation factors in all phases of haemo coagulation. Reduces aggregation of platelets, increases vascular permeability, stimulates collateral blood circulation, possesses spazmolitichesky action. Activity of a gialuronidaza oppresses and reduces the content of cholesterol, triglycerides in blood serum owing to increase of activity of a lipoproteinovy lipase.

Physical and chemical properties: Transparent, colourless or light yellow liquid.

Structure: 1 ml of solution contains heparin of sodium 5000 ME; excipients: alcohol benzylic, sodium chloride, water for injections.

Release form: Solution for injections; on 1 ml in an ampoule, on 5 ampoules in a pack; on 4 ml or on 5 ml in a bottle, on 5 bottles in a pack; on 5 ml in a bottle, on 10 bottles in a pack.

Farmakoterapevtichesk group: Antitrombotichesky means. Automatic telephone exchange of B01A B01.

Indications to application: Treatment and prevention of various tromboembolichesky states and their complications, localization of trombotichesky process for prevention of a tromboobrazovaniye at a sharp myocardial infarction, thromboses and embolisms of the main veins and arteries, vessels of a brain, an eye, at heart operations and blood vessels, for prevention of fibrillation at direct transfusion of the last and at laboratory researches. At sharp and chronic thrombophlebitises of extremities, in complex treatment of patients with unstable stenocardia, at coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, pneumonia, an initial stage of an inflammatory and dystrophic form of periodontosis.

Storage: To store in the inaccessible for children, protected from light, dry place at a temperature of 15 - 25 °C.

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Heparin (Heparinum)
Heparin (Heparinum)
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