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Our company offers consumers the electric heating systems of radiant type presented by the equipment of direct heating in the form of warm panels and a warm plinth.

Before passing to the concrete characteristic of the features of this equipment distinguishing it from other heating equipment it would be desirable to focus your attention on the following aspects:

- first, why we chose electric heating systems;

- secondly, why it is electric systems of radiant type.

The reasons for which the preference is given to electroheating

The question of energy saving very much is particularly acute for our country if to take more widely – a question of power independence of the state.

The economy of Ukraine substantially depends on consumption of natural gas today, but

  • ü first is an exhaustible power source which in all civilized world is used as raw materials for the industry, but not as a power source for heating of rooms,
  • ü and secondly, it constantly rises in price and if to look at dynamics of a rise in price of natural gas in comparison with an electric power rise in price, then it is obvious that rates of increase in gas price considerably exceed rates of increase in price of electricity.

These data were provided by the Ministry of housing and communal services. They very closely intertwine with information provided by Institute of forecasting of development of economy. Forecasts become reality. Only for the last six years the gas price in the world rose four times. Becomes obvious that the gas rise in price since August, 2010 will be not the last this calendar year and in the future heating season.

That is it is absolutely logical to be engaged in electric heating.

  1. If the speech came about world practice of heating, it should be noted that the whole world seeks for the maximum use of the filled power sources today, and it is the energy of the sun, wind, water (that is gelio-, vetro-and hydropower) generating energy electric.

By the way, feature of fuel and energy balance of the world developed countries is the considerable expense of the electric power for the heating purposes. According to statistical data, in France electroheating equipped about 40% of all buildings, in Spain and Finland – 30%, in Norway – the known global manufacturer and the supplier of gas – more than 80%.

This argument as well as possible approves us in correctness of the choice of electroheating.

  1. For anybody not a secret that experts carry Ukraine to number of the countries with the developed nuclear power (56% of electric energy are made on nuclear power plants), but in 2009-2010 our country lost foreign sales markets of the electric power.

Problem of domestic power industry – as much as possible to master domestic market, and it means – to attract new consumers including due to development of electric heating. And potential is simply huge here, today on electroheating no more than 1% of the electric power are used.

It is one more indisputable argument in favor of electroheating.

  1. In March, 2006 the Cabinet of the country approved Power strategy of Ukraine for the period till 2030. In the document it is noted that one of the main components of wellbeing in civilized countries is providing citizens with heat and the electric power. These problems are very actual also for Ukraine.
  • ü Outdated heating plants cannot provide normal heat supply today. Our concept of a central heating cardinally differs from the centralized giving of heat in the Western countries, there are no kilometer regularly failing pipelines on which reconstruction millions of hryvnias are required (by estimates of experts, power losses at such heating reach 40% and more than 70% of heating systems demand serious reconstruction).
  • ü Outdated electric networks demand replacement too.

It is necessary to heat the country and to change power supply networks, but these two global problems can be solved, as they say, having killed two hares at once: modernization of electric networks will give the chance to provide the consumer with the qualitative electric power and … heat due to use of low-power electric heating systems.

It is possible to introduce these systems quickly and effectively in not installed gas territories. Installation of such heating systems in accordance with the established procedure, that is with performance of specifications and the project, will allow the consumer to receive the lowered tariff for the electric power.

The reasons for which among electric systems of heating it is preferred as systems of radiant type

Task any, without exception, heating system – to warm not so much the room in which there is a person how many him, to create it comfortable conditions. Radiant systems cope with this task much more successfully than convection.

So, in any, without exception, heating system, except object which should be warmed, eaten heat source.

For example, in liquid system heat source, being transformed to thermal energy, heats water, water flows on pipes, heating batteries, those give the heat to air, and air heats the person. This standard chain is characteristic of a convection heating system, that is the heating system providing heating of the room and the person due to the movement of heated air. In this case between a source of heat and the person exists or two intermediaries – water and air on whom there are heatlosses, or one – air, - if it is about systems of heating with use of electric or gas convectors.

Radiant heat has absolutely other nature. If at convection the molecule with more high temperature transfers the energy to a molecule with lower temperature, then in a case with radiant systems there is no transfer of heat through air, air at radiant heating does not heat up, there is a radiation, a wave. This wave energy will be transformed in thermal directly on a surface of objects on which it gets, or on a body of the person, warming him. That is, there are no intermediaries per se, so, and losses of heat are minimum. Therefore radiant systems are also called systems of direct heating, in difference of liquid, so-called systems of indirect heating.

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