Buy Heater Penoizol (Liquid polyfoam)
Heater Penoizol (Liquid polyfoam)

Heater Penoizol (Liquid polyfoam)

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The heater penoizol is applied to thermal isolation of walls, overlappings, floors, roofs etc. of private houses, warehouse and production rooms, garages, baths, etc. It is suitable for warming under construction and houses.
Main advantages:
Technological effectiveness — is delivered in the form of separate components and downloads in the prepared cavities
Low cost — except that material is the cheapest heater, is included in the price delivery and works on its downloading
High efficiency — filling of a liquid heater occurs under small pressure that provides full filling of all emptiness; coefficient of heat conductivity of 0,032-0,035 W / m*k that is 10-30 lower than at other heaters
Fire safety — material has no independent burning, has a low class of combustibility and smoking
Universality — high warm and sound-proof qualities, high vapor permeability, unattractiveness for rodents, a possibility of use with any constructional materials, do penoizol by an ideal heater which scope is limited only to the imagination.

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Heater Penoizol (Liquid polyfoam)
Heater Penoizol (Liquid polyfoam)
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