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H01TCP-4 lock module

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 Photo-electric power generation uses solar elements for sunlight transformation directly to electricity according to the principle of fotovoltaichesky effect. It is widely used in the field of transport, communication, oil, the ocean, meteorology and life, not only because of its safety and reliability, but also environmental friendliness. An example which we are going to give below: As Haiwell PLC works in the field of fotovoltaichesky power generation. Systems etc. the Fotovoltaichesky system of generation of energy consists of a phalanx of solar elements, the galvanic charger and the controller of a discharge, the inverter, a case of distribution of food of alternating current, a control system of solar tracking and other equipment.

Principle of Solar system

System of tracking a trajectory of the movement of the Sun. The sun moves all the time therefore the direction of a sunlight changes all the time if the solar panel can constantly look at the sun, then efficiency of generation will be the biggest. Now the general control system beyond the sun needs to develop the exact local direction of a sunlight in a year at any time and to keep data on position of the sun in PLK. Tracking is based on settlement data of the local direction of a sunlight.

Tracking of a sensor. Tracking the sensor consists in definition of the direction of a sunlight if the sunlight deviates the vertical plane of the solar panel, then the sensor will give a signal, this signal will be strengthened and transformed to a standard signal which will be sent to K PLK through the analog input channel. And PLK will process a signal and will give a digital output signal for management of system so the system of tracking can face a sunlight again.,

Size 140 * 116 * 30 mm
WINDOWS CE operating system
Legal lock
Ethernet port of COM port
 H01TCP-4 is a powerful lock of the hardware protocol, it can transform various protocols of the subordinate of the device to the standard Modbus RTU protocol or the Modbus TCP protocol.
Introduction of square network of solar elements

Frame of networks of thousands of solar trackers. In one solar power station there are thousands of solar otslezhivatel, Haiwell PLC and Haiwell H04TCP-4 are very powerful, a set of cages of solar batteries are connected to the fiber-optical Ethernet switchboard, and in the central dispatching office thousands of Haiwel plc can be controlled by means of Ethernet-transfer.

 Hardware of Haiwell PLC

Haiwell PLC, using AI entrance (range 0 ~ 10 V) with the 12-digit AD transformation (Common 0 ~ 20mA). Haiwell plc can be connected to the light sensor directly. And the Haiwell plc processor has the built-in 2 communication ports and can be expanded to 5 ports of communication, each communication port can be used for programming and can work as the subordinate or the leading station. The network haiwell plc mode can be as 1: N, N: 1, N: N, it supports HMI and can be connected to any third-party communication equipment. (For example, converter, scanner of a shaped code etc.)
lock of H01TCP-4.

and. Support of transformation of various protocols to the standard Modbus TCP protocol or the Modbus RTU protocol at the same time

. Support of several top clients of the personal computer for access to a lock for simultaneous observation of the equipment

page. Use of the mode of comparison of addresses for realization of prompt reply to inquiry of the client of TCP

. The built-in WEB SERVER, the user can use the browser for viewing of a condition of communication in real time and changes of the data convenient for debugging on the website

e. Support of analog linear transformation, selection of bits, exchange with high and low bytes etc.

e. Two ports Ethernet, 4 isolated ports of communication RS485

2.3 Fiber-optical Ethernet switchboard, Central dispatching SCADA system

3. Principle of data collection and management

Each Sloar-tracker contains one haiwell PLC, Haiwell plc receives a signal from a sunlight from the sensor through the analog input channel. After processing by the user program, PLC will give a signal for management of rotation of the receiver of a sunlight to look in the direction of sunlight speed to work more effectively.

H01TCP has four communication ports RS485, each port connects to 15 PLK sets. H01TCP ports collect data from PLK and keep them in internal memory of a lock. And the top personal computer can collect and control data from a lock. The top personal computer can also issue the operating command for a protocol lock for management of PLK through RS485 port. It is a lot of square solar elements. It can be connected to the same fiber-optical switchboard. Thus, it is possible to control and control thousands of solar sensors.

Advantages of system


 The H01TCP-4 protocol gateway supports transformation of various protocols to the standard Modbus TCP Protocol the Modbus RTU protocol the protocol at the same time

  • support of several top the personal computer to clients access a lock for monitoring of the equipment at the same time
  • by means of Use of display of the address the mode to realize quick response to TCP client request
  • the built-in WEB SERVER, the user can use the browser for viewing in real time a condition of communication and change of data, it is convenient for debugging on the place
  • support of analog linear transformation to bring a little, high and low-byte, etc.
  • 2 Ethernet ports, 4 isolated RS485 communication port
  • support the following transformations of the agreement now

1. Network potential of a lock of HaiTech H01TCP-4 is very high. In comparison with traditional networks, the cost of connection of a hayvell very low. One module of a lock H01TCP-4 can control at least 60 PLC sets.

2. The lock of H01TCP has a signal of break of communication for all conducted devices in big network, is very convenient in comparison with traditional management of network. It is much simpler, than traditional networks.

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H01TCP-4 lock module
H01TCP-4 lock module
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