Buy Grilyato ceilings - any color under the order
Grilyato ceilings - any color under the order

Grilyato ceilings - any color under the order

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The false ceiling of Grilyato consists from:
- trellised panels,
- metal framework,
- systems of suspensions.

Constantly in warehouses available raw materials of seven basic flowers: white, silver, blue, brown, green, cherry, black.


Panels for a ceiling of "Grilyato" are manufactured of plates of a P-shaped form, different height: 30, 40 or 50 mm., from an aluminum or metal tape 0,32-0,4 mm thick. The sizes of cells can be different — from 40kh40mm to 200kh200mm. Panels for a ceiling of "Grilyato" have a protective and decorative covering of various flowers according to RAL.

The framework of ceilings of "Grilyato" consists of the bearing and intermediate guides established in the form of a lattice with a size 600kh600mm. For fastening of system to overlappings special suspensions are used.

After fastening of panels to a framework the impression of an integral cellular cloth is made.
The price of a ceiling of Grilyato depends on the chosen size of a cell, height of a profile, thickness of metal, color, and also in on the number of accessories.

Advantages of ceilings of "Grilyato"

Esthetics. The unusual design and a variety of flowers allow to execute registration of an interior in rooms of different function. Ceilings of "Grilyato" are perfectly combined with other types of false ceilings.

The improved ventilation. The trellised structure of plates of ceilings of "Grilyato" provides the improved ventilation of the room that is especially actual in places with big passability of people.

Fire safety. Ceilings of "Grilyato" are made of metal therefore are nonflammable, fire-resistant.

Moisture resistance. High resistance to damp environments allows to use ceilings of "Grilyato" in such rooms as pools, bathrooms, kitchens.

Lighting. Good light reflection of metal panels improves illumination of rooms. Besides, thanks to structure of ceilings of "Grilyato", it is possible to build in lamps of various types them. The lighting elements placed in zapotolochny space allow to receive an original play of light and shadow.

Possibility of embedding of climatic systems. Easy access to zapotolochny space is done by ceilings of "Grilyato" convenient for embedding of climatic systems and their subsequent service.

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Grilyato ceilings - any color under the order
Grilyato ceilings - any color under the order
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