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Gravestone from granite

Gravestone from granite

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Ukraine, Bazaltovoe
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  • BrandЧП Юрчик
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Type of stonesGranite
  • MaterialGranite
  • ConditionNew
  • Possibility of individual orderThere is
Gravestone from granite

Gravestone (gravestone, gravestone monument, tombstone) — a cross , a stone , a sculpture or the architectural construction established on a grave for perpetuating of memory of the dead .

Gravestones (or monuments) as a rule make of a natural stone of strong breeds ( marble , granite , a gabbro , labradorite etc.). Often meet from a marble (granite) crumb. Establish a monument from stainless steel less often, sometimes just there are wooden crosses .

On a gravestone name dead dates births , and death are usually written, the epitaph is often written. Often the photo is placed (either unpacked, or beaten out directly on a stone). Now the computer engraving of portraits and drawings practices. The type of a gravestone depends on many factors : wills of the dead, religious and public traditions , financial position of a family etc.

Terms of installation of a gravestone monument on a grave deceased also depend on many factors: religious traditions, financial position of relatives.

Granite ( ital. granito, from lat. granum — grain) — sour magmaticheska intrusive rock . Consists of quartz , a plagioclase , potassium feldspar and micas — biotite and/or white mica . Granites are very widespread in continental to crust . Effusive analogs of granites — rhyolites . Granite density — 2600 kg/m ³, durability on compression to 300 MPas .

Granites are the most important breeds of crust. They are widespread, compose the basis of the most part of all continents, and can be formed in various ways [1]

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Gravestone from granite
Gravestone from granite
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