Buy Granule polypropylene (proizv. UKR./ROS) Sending across Ukraine.
Granule polypropylene (proizv. UKR./ROS) Sending across Ukraine.

Granule polypropylene (proizv. UKR./ROS) Sending across Ukraine.

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Polypropylene - synthetic material, that is the material made artificially with use as raw materials of oil, coal and natural gas. Thanks to transformation of these substances chemical compounds which structure defines specific properties of the materials which are widely used in the industry turn out.

Polypropylene after propylene polymerization is formed. Besides, the production technology of this substance allows to receive propylene with different properties.

Polypropylene possesses number of the unique properties drawing attention of many researchers:

  • high durability
  • low density
  • resistance to blows and flexing
  • the good wear resistance increasing with growth of molecular weight
  • excellent electrical insulation
  • high chemical resistance
  • low Paro - and gas permeability
  • at high temperatures resistance to alkalis, acids, solutions of salts, vegetable and mineral oils
  • at the room temperature not solubility in solvents - organic
  • solubility only in aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons (at high temperature)
  • high water resistance
  • practical transparency in thin films
  • easily processed
  • good mixing with dyes
  • it is easily chlorinated
  • easily crystallizes
  • it is physiologically harmless
  • excellent svarivayemost

Thanks to the technology and consumer qualities polypropylene has rather wide range of application and borrows on world release – 20,5 percent, that is the second place after polyethylene.

Polypropylene has found the broadest application in the following areas:

  • container and packaging
  • fiber
  • anticorrosive material
  • mechanical engineering
  • electronics
  • medicine
  • automotive industry
  • electrical equipment
  • construction
  • transport
  • instrument making

All derivatives from polypropylene are not afraid of boiling and steam sterilizing, maintaining the maximum temperature in 120 - 140 degrees without any changes of mechanical characteristics and form.

There are several types of processing of polypropylene and extrusion and molding are the most popular.

Extruded polypropylene has very wide range of application:

  • irrigation nondirectional film — for packaging of food, textiles, clerical, leather haberdashery and sanitary and hygienic products
  • uniaxial oriented film - for receiving fibers
  • dvukhosno-oriented film - for packaging food and not foodstuff, for production of film labels, adhesive tape, condensers
  • rigid film — for production of disposable tableware, packaging of dairy products, containers
  • sheets - for waterproofing, construction, billboards, office
  • pipes - for the internal sewerage, hot and cold water supply, for power supply networks
  • fibers and threads — for woven and nonwoven fabrics, bags, big-races, twine, twisted products from threads
  • Polypropylene molding is ideal for production of products with difficult profile:
  • consumer goods - products for kitchen, bathroom, floriculture, garden and garden stock, children's goods, household goods
  • tare buckets for the paint-and-varnish industry, hard putty and mastic, ice cream and mayonnaise
  • tare boxes
  • transport pallets - racks
  • autocomponent parts - about four hundred names
  • rechargeable batteries
  • plastic furniture for household, kitchen garden and garden, places of public catering
  • medical one-time products
  • fitting, sanitary products, pipeline control valves
  • corking products — for cosmetics, perfumery, household chemicals and auto chemical goods; mononuclear and two-member covers for plastic bottles

Polypropylene - the thermoplastic polymer which is used depending on way of its processing.

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LISTY I STERZHNI from acryle, viniplast, kaprolon (PA6 polyamide), ftoroplast, ebonite, polypropylene, polyethylene, PVH, ABS, polycarbonate, polystyrene, etc. expendables for construction, the industries, advertizing and design.

Sending across Ukraine services of transportation convenient to you: "SAT", "NEW MAIL", "AVTOLYuKS", "IN-TAYM", "DELIVERY", etc.

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Granule polypropylene (proizv. UKR./ROS) Sending across Ukraine.
Granule polypropylene (proizv. UKR./ROS) Sending across Ukraine.
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