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The grader - represent the self-propelled cars on wheel base created for alignment and movement of the earth embankments, various soil and construction materials applied during the road-building works, constructions of irrigation canals and airfield coverings.

This type of equipment mnogofunktsionalen also possesses big maneuverability.

High-power the grader apply to planning and auxiliary works: at construction of platforms, profile dredging, embankments and cleanings of roads of snow in winter time.

The grader is designed with change of an angle of installation of a dump in the different planes, and has an opportunity to carry out carrying out of a dump aside.

The grader weighing up to 9 tons apply to construction of dirt roads in zero marks, to small repair and improvement of pavings.

Graders weighing 10-12 tons are intended for creation of a road bed and dredging in soil at small marks, repair with big expenses of time and profiling of earth embankments.

Graders weighing more than 13 tons are calculated on large volumes of works, at construction in severe soil conditions.

The grader are one of the main cars used in road construction. They are necessary for hashing of large volume of soil, its planning, leveling of a roadbed, formation of slopes and ditches along the road for water drainage. Besides, the grader are actively used by municipal services for maintenance of purity of the carriageway during the winter period. Updating of slopes and ditches - also work of the grader.

These cars can be divided into four main groups conditionally:
- lungs;
- averages (them still call universal);
- heavy;
- especially heavy.
The choice of the grader directly depends on the planned type of works. Besides, making the choice, pay attention to technical characteristics, fuel consumption and, of course, car cost.

The main operating mode of the grader is cutting and movement of soil. Key parameters of the grader is the weight and power, length and height of a dump, lateral carrying out of a dump, a road gleam, deepening of a dump, overall dimensions, etc. is also important. Parameters and the sizes of the grader allow to estimate technological capabilities of the grader, area of its rational use. So, for example, force of draft limits the possible width of capture of material to a dump that causes the number of necessary passes of the grader. The corner of the slope which is cut off by the grader is defined by a tilt angle.

Are presented in our catalog the YTO brand grader which by right won popularity in the market of Ukraine at the expense of the productivity, quality assembly, and that is not unimportant, low cost. The wide range allows to choose the car and to equip it with various dumps (or other additional equipment) for any kind of the planned works.

If to compare the YTO grader to similar technology of production of Germany, the USA or Japan, becomes obvious that the only distinction between them is cost, and the key technical parameters and operational characteristics are identical.

For this reason reliability, reasonable price, a wide choice of expendables and the additional equipment do the YTO brand grader by the optimum choice at construction, repair and service of roads.

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