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Goldfinch Songbird

Goldfinch Songbird

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Technical characteristics
  • Type of birdCarduelis

I will sell a goldfinch

Goldfinch one of beautiful songbirds. It is unlikely you will find a bird more beautifully than a goldfinch. The nature awarded this bird and beauty and voice. Singing of a goldfinch corresponds to his beautiful dress, it is melodious and is various. Generally at the majority of birds only males sing. It concerns also goldfinches. Sex determination at goldfinches is difficult. It happen use, some hen houses. The person waits from a bird of a song, and it is absent and is not present. The skilled fan the fowler, will always define where a female where a male. It is necessary to know that goldfinches have mediocre singers, and advantage will be had by older male. Goldfinches virtuosos according to the song and singing, on quiet character and a domestication come across. But such now a rarity, one on 100-200 pieces. Such goldfinch big property for the fan. There are at a goldfinch addictions: climbs cage top, or it is worse than that, cracks a beak about a cage lattice, checks nerves at the owner. Such "musician", long it is impossible to sustain. Opened a door of a cage and on will, let there plays music! The goldfinch quickly gets used to the person and lives in a cage long at good leaving. Pleases the owner with the song almost all the year round, except for the molt period. I am engaged in birds since the childhood, already half a century. I know a lot of interesting about catching and to keeping of birds. I have available grids and webs for catching of birds. I contain houses generally zernoyadny ptitsy:repolova, bullfinches, canary vyyurka, tap dances, chaffinches, crossbills, etc. All birds are healthy and raise at people around a smile and positive emotions! Delivery of birds in any point of Ukraine. If it is interesting call, I will be glad to communication!
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Goldfinch Songbird
Goldfinch Songbird
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