Buy Gofrorukav WEDGE K10 (silicone red) 100 mm
Gofrorukav WEDGE K10 (silicone red) 100 mm

Gofrorukav WEDGE K10 (silicone red) 100 mm

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Ukraine, Kharkov
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandRondo
  • Country of manufacturePoland

The pipeline is silicone

Highly temperature hose like Klien (teflon red) is used by K10 in systems of ventilation, removal of exhaust gases and dust in hostile chemical environment. Hoses on the basis of fiber glass fabric with a silicone covering are used for temperatures to -150 °C +260 °C. at low pressure. Hoses, contract in the axial direction, are used in mechanical engineering, production of cars, on exhaust units, systems of defense, aircraft industry, engine-building.

Range of diameters is up to Ø 40 mm to 1000 mm.


Features: the hose is ventilating, corrugated outside, flexible, red, lack of a smell, a hose it is reinforced by a galvanized steel strip, fireproof material is applied.



Material of walls: fiber glass fabric with a covering on both sides silicone



Wall thickness: 0,35 mm




Hose design to a basis: the pro-thinned-out steel


Commercial lengths: as a rule, to 6 meters, production of bigger length is by agreement possible



Dispersion of electrostatic charges: when grounding a spiral



Chemical Firmness: good chemical stability



Thermal Resistance:-150 ÷ +260 oC



Properties: absolutely elastic,



Squeezed: 1:7


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Gofrorukav WEDGE K10 (silicone red) 100 mm
Gofrorukav WEDGE K10 (silicone red) 100 mm
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