Buy Glasses from onyx (250gr) on 2 pieces.
Glasses from onyx (250gr) on 2 pieces.

Glasses from onyx (250gr) on 2 pieces.

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Glasses 3,5х5,5" (9x14 cm) on 2 pieces.

Size: 9х14 cm

Material: Onyx

Available: is

Complete set: 2 pieces.

Form: Straight line; form of "tulip"

Capacity - 250 gr.

You want to feel the master of the world or the holder of the state? Then buy glasses from onyx! The ware for monarchs was made of onyx. And onyx paid for attention in the protection against poison and harm in food.

Juicy drink in a glass from onyx will give it missing useful qualities at the level of magic. Thanks to onyx masters tried to obtain influence, onyx the presence helped to be at proper words. The extraordinary properties this threw gave the chance to stabilize thoughts, to subordinate itself interlocutors. Said that in a glass from onyx poison lost the action.

It is possible to buy glasses from onyx having ordered them on our website. We offer an opportunity of the choice of color. So, green onyx in your house will help to calm mind, will give force and will adjust on a harmony of the winner. You want to become a winner in negotiations? Then buy glasses from onyx, they not only will draw attention of your opponent, but also will give the chance to win. Owners of onyx always win. Onyx will help to get rid of shyness when she so inopportunely reminds of herself during conversation. You keep around a product from this natural stone and it will surely positively influence you.

It is possible to buy glasses from a natural stone for reasonable price on the website of Brands for You online store. Delivery across Ukraine in the way, convenient for you.

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Glasses from onyx (250gr) on 2 pieces.
Glasses from onyx (250gr) on 2 pieces.
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