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GFL 2002 distiller

GFL 2002 distiller

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Technical characteristics
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GFL 2002 distiller

  • Completely automatic device for unary distillation of water, is suitable as for desktop, and wall placement;
  • High quality of distillate; pribl. 2.3 µs/cm at 25 °C (See. "Technical characteristics of a distiller");
  • The tank for storage of distillate contains in itself double hour volume;
  • The electronic sensor of level disconnects a distiller when filling the tank and automatically includes it at depletion;
  • The electronic sensor of pollution switches off a distiller in case of high impurity of water in the evaporator, at the same time the control bulb "Cleaning" lights up;
  • Economic consumption of energy a distiller due to distillation of the heated cooling water;
  • Economic water consumption due to automatic cutoff of water;
  • The evaporator of a distiller is easily available to cleaning implementation;
  • The refrigerator (coil) of a distiller is in the tank and easily gives in to replacement;
  • Selection of distillate via the crane;
  • Devolatilising of CO2 through branch in the refrigerator;
  • The heating element of a distiller, the evaporator, the tank for distillate and the refrigerator are made of stainless steel;
  • The distiller case with double walls is manufactured of galvanized steel with a powder epoxy covering;
  • Water supply in a distiller is carried out via the built-in electromagnetic valve with a branch pipe for connection of a hose 1/2" (ø pribl. 12.7 oo). A branch pipe for a supply of the cooling water 3/4" (ø pribl. 19.0 oo);
  • Hoses are available to giving and water drainage as accessories.

GFL 2002 distiller scope

Distillers of GFL are used in research laboratories, for example by preparation of medical and bacteriological samples, cultures of cages and fabrics, and also at preparation of reagents. Besides, the received distillate is used for processes of cleaning and sterilization, at preparation of buffer solutions, and also in the analytical purposes.

Technical characteristics of a distiller of GFL 2002

Distiller productivity 2 l/h
Conductivity of distillate * pribl. 2.3 µs/cm at 25 °C
Distiller tank capacity 4 l
Consumption of the cooling water pribl. 30 l/h
Water pressure 3 (min.) - 7 (max.) bars
The distiller sizes, external (Sh x x In) 540 x 290 x 420 mm
Power supply ** 230 B/50... 60 Hz / 1.5 kW
Net weight pribl. 15.4 kg
Gross weight (in a cardboard box) pribl. 18.5 kg
Gross weight (in a wooden box) pribl. 30.0 kg
Packing volume pribl. 0.16 m3

* Average value according to Frezenius's Institute during the work with tap water. Quality of distillate depends on quality of initial water.
** Other characteristics of food of a distiller are available on demand

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GFL 2002 distiller
GFL 2002 distiller
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