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Formula of support of a female organism, the prevention of diseases of a female genital and pathological manifestations connected with a climax

Formula of female health and attractiveness.

Form of release of a tablet

Structure: a rhizome of European bugbane (tsimitsifuga), summer cypress fruits (Vitex sacred), vitamin C, elder flowers, a melissa grass, flowers of a clover, the hop cone, PABK (H1 vitamin), a grass of a St. John's Wort, zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, gland sulfate, B1 vitamin, nicotinic acid (RR), B2 vitamin, boron glitserat, manganese sulfate, B6 vitamin, copper a gluconate, folic acid (AF), potassium iodide, sodium selenite, it is lame pikolinat, biotin, B12, D3 vitamin.

Value for an organism.

Fiziologicheskiyperiod who is shown at women at the age of 42-55 can turn into serious testing. The hormonal disturbances connected with a menopause bring, in lack of therapy, to emergence or complication of many diseases such as osteoporosis, arterial hypertension with the high level of cholesterol, degradation of mucous membranes of a genital tract, gout. Besides, the climacteric is followed by fatigue, irritability, sleeplessness, a headache, the cardiac arrhythmia raised by perspiration, "inflow", urogenital frustration.

All these states arise because of decrease in level of estrogen in the woman's organism at age changes in ovaries or during their surgical removal. Reduction of concentration of estrogen in blood, leads to different pathological disturbances from bodies and systems.

The termination of a menstrual cycle belongs to the main manifestation of deficit of estrogen gradual or sharp (if ovaries are removed).

The nature took care of protection of a female organism during this difficult period.

"Female Heron Vit" is a timely help to the woman, support of vulnerable bodies and systems, soft correction of level of estrogen in blood that allows a female organism gradually and to pass without serious consequences into a physiological condition of a menopause.

The mechanism of action of a compounding is based on estrogenopodobny action of herbs which active agents interact with receptors of a brain, ovaries, reduce production of the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSG) responsible for weight of manifestation of a climax (inflow, psycho – emotional disturbances). Interacting with receptors of ovaries, FSG stimulates production of own hormones.

Besides, phytoestrogen regulates a lipidic exchange, reduces cholesterol level, improves digestion of calcium, preventing development of osteoporosis.

Availability of carefully picked up vitamins and minerals is strengthened by activity of a complex and its influence on intracellular biochemical processes, are especially perspective at morbid conditions.

Phytotherapeutic properties and effect of the ingredients which are a part:

Tsimitsifuga – active agents of a plant (phytoestrogen, a phytosterol, tannins, flavonoids, saponins) have estrogenopodobny effect by interaction with oestrogenic receptors, reduce production of luteinizing hormone a hypophysis, exerting impact on estrogenochuvstvitelny cells of a hypothalamus, regulating release of responsible rileasing-hormone. The tsimitsifuga root positively influences a vegetative nervous system, weakening the level of a stress, sleep disorder.

Summer cypress (Vitex sacred) – fruits possess hormonal activity (stimulate production of progesterone), antiinflammatory, antimicrobic, sedative, antifungalny action; improve digestion, a hormonal background, stimulate periods and ovulatory function of ovaries, reduce risk of mastitis, developments of a mastopathy, polyps and cysts.

Elder – influences hemadens, activates their functions, stabilizes a hormonal background, raises a vitality, renders antiinflammatory effect at arthritis, gout.

The melissa – the recognized modulator of mood, is capable to weaken spasms, pain; it is shown at neurosises, sleeplessness, hormonal disturbances, dysfunction of ovaries.

The clover meadow – considerably improves a condition of an organism, including mood; clover phytoestrogen (isoflavones) helps to cope with climax symptoms, possesses anticarcinogen action, interferes with development of osteoporosis.

Hop – warns neurosises, frustration of a dream, climacteric frustration from a nervous system, well influences a female organism, reduces risk of developing of tumors.

The St. John's Wort – is used for stopping of depressions, improves mood, influences a fertility assessment, reduces the frequency of inflow.

The vitamin premix consisting of the vitamins, vital during this period (vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, B12, nicotinic and folic acids, D3, PABK vitamin (H1 vitamin), promotes recovery of a metabolism, plays an important role in reduction of effects of a menopause, activates digestion of phytoestrogen, interferes with obesity and development of osteoporosis; plays especially important role vitamind3, together with herbs, it improves a condition of vessels, a vegetative nervous system, skin and hair.

Adjust deficit of minerals during this period, the compoundings which are a part, zinc, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, boron, iodine, selenium, it is lame pikolinat.

For the best assimilation of components of a formula the betaine is entered into its structure.

Such rich and balanced complex contributes to normalization of a hormonal background and the accelerated rehabilitation after diseases, to providing a female organism, taking into account physiological norms, practically all necessary substances for more comfortable state in the period of a menopause.

Indications to use.

It is recommended for prevention of climacteric frustration, and also to a food allowance at the following states and diseases:

menopausal syndrome
premenstrual syndrome (PMS);
disturbance of a menstrual cycle (dysmenorrhea, algodismenoreya);
dishormonal bleedings;
chronic inflammatory diseases of a female genital (colpitises, vaginita, salpingites, candidiasis);
mastopathy, fibromas, myomas, endometriosis, polycystosis of ovaries;
xeroderma, fragility of hair, nails;
the rehabilitation period after operations, medical abortions.

Route of administration and doses

On 2 tablets 2-3 times a day in 30 minutes prior to food.

Treatment-and-prophylactic course of 8-12 weeks.

If necessary to repeat.

Reception of phytodrug does not cancel appointment of the doctor.
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Geron-Vit female
Geron-Vit female
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