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It is the metal film (thickness in microns toyest-a thousand share of millimeter) applied on a surface of metal products with an electrolytic precipitation method. Apply this covering to increase in wear resistance of details, reliability and durability of products, protect metals and alloys from corrosion, for protectively - decorative finishing, give to a product beautiful appearance.

Types of a covering:

- Galvanizing of details from steel;

- Nickel plating multilayered details from steel and alloys;

- A covering by an alloy tin - bismuth is put. from steel, copper, alloys,

- Chemical oxygenating it is put. from steel;

- Anode oxygenating it is put. from aluminum alloys

ADVANTAGE of our galvanics from others is that:

1. A wide range of a covering in big volumes.

2. At our enterprise of the automated lines. What promotes more rigid observance of technology and the best quality. The galvanizer before work mounts each detail on suspension brackets at the same time examining quality of its surface, establishing specifically conditions of processing of each type of details.

3. Electrolytes are made on the basis of the highly effective bleskoobrazuyushchy and leveling additives of production of Germany and America. At the expense of it we receive the best quality of the covered products.

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