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Friezes from a natural stone

Friezes from a natural stone

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Friezes from a natural stone

Products from a natural stone, such as facades, steps, columns, borders, eaves, nakryvny plates - all this will serve many decades and to keep original state at any whims of the nature.

Our company specializes in deliveries and exclusive works from

• granite

Granite not only beautiful, but also strong stone. It has big durability at compression, wears out when deleting more evenly, is steadier against aeration, cracks less at strong heating. Granite is well processed. It is very widely applied as construction and finishing material, on construction of bridges, embankments and socles of large buildings, monolithic columns.

• marble

Marble is called the breed consisting of fine crystal grains of a mineral of calcite (is more rare than dolomite), which is formed as a result of recrystallization of the limy breeds postponed once at the bottom of the sea. This beautiful, often richly painted, strong, obedient to processing material was long since highly appreciated at all people. Value of marble in architecture and construction of the past was huge, its role and in a city building in the future is considerable. Thanks to the high decorative effect, wide color scale and ease of processing marble finds extremely broad application in construction and arrangement of interiors.

• onyx

Onyx is an agate with plane-parallel layers of various color, usually white and black or dark gray.

• travertine

Travertine — group of the porous limestones formed as a result of sedimentation of a carbonate of calcium of hot or cold springs. Travertine easily gives in to processing, and at the expense of the small density of a stone the designs made of travertine have smaller weight. Travertine is used for facing of floors, walls, sometimes ceilings. Lamination of travertine creates the drawings emphasizing its invoice and color on a surface of the processed stone. Using a stone in various color combinations, with various processing of a surface our company sets before itself the purpose to give beauty and originality to each house, office and a garden and by that to create constant image of unsurpassed style to his owner. Nothing can apply for such grace and severity, at the same time and a practicality as finishing from a natural stone.

We offer a wide choice of an unusual, high-quality stone from China and Europe.

We make and establish products from a natural stone according to individual drawings and projects of the customer, and also:
  • arrangement of interiors on the project of any complexity;
  • external facing of buildings natural stone;
  • finishing of facades, external and internal ladders;
  • hydrocutting;
  • window sills;
  • table-tops from integral plates;
  • friezes and difficult inlaid floors
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Friezes from a natural stone
Friezes from a natural stone
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