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Ukraine, Zhitomir
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Forzition of Maslinnye's family is widespread in China, Japan, Korea and Albania. The first bush was brought from China in the middle of the 19th century, the chief gardener of the Kensingtonsky palace William Forsythe. In honor of the famous English botanist the plant also received the name of Forzition, or Forsaytiya.
Types and grades

Rod Forzition unites 7 types, but in our latitudes some of them are popular all.

Forzition European (Forsythia europaea), only of all forzition, meeting in the nature in the southeast of Europe, differs in good winter hardiness. Its effective bush reaches up to 3 m in height. Blossoms in April-May single golden-yellow hand bells.

Forzition hanging-down (Forsythia suspensa) differs in the hung, thin branches covered in May with the rocking large yellow flowers collected on 1-3 in bunches. After blossoming light green oval leaves appear. The plant effectively looks on lanes of buildings or as an openwork green hedge. The most winter-hardy is Zibold's form.


Forzition - a lung in leaving a plant. Grows on any soil. Magnificent blossoming requires the solar and warm place. The forzition transfers the dry soil better, than too damp. Therefore during watering it is necessary to watch that water did not stand. With cold weather approach watering is reduced. Without cutting the forzition loses the attractiveness, is extended, blossoms worse and takes a shaggy form. But it is necessary to cut off at once after blossoming, it is correct also without fanaticism. The bush does not love excessive cutting - it strongly branches and badly blossoms. As many vesennetsvetushchy bushes, a forzition blossoms on escapes of last year. On escapes 4 years are more senior flowers do not appear. Therefore it is very important to define old escapes which are branched strongly out and bend down to the earth. They also should be removed.

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