Buy Food additive "Deztin" for surface treatment of fish
Food additive "Deztin" for surface treatment of fish

Food additive "Deztin" for surface treatment of fish

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandКонстанта
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Weight1 kg
  • ColorЖидкость светло-желтого цвета без посторонних включений
  • Water-solubleполная
General description of the additive The complex food additive "Deztin" in the form of a concentrate for the preparation of a working solution was developed by LLC UK "Constanta" and is used by meat processing enterprises, cheese production, fish processing, etc.
Applications For finished sausage products, frankfurters, sausages in natural and semi - natural casing in HMS (gas - modified medium), namely, collagen, cellulose, fibrous or casings, etc. , except for synthetic ones (polymer, cellophane, polypropylene). Also, the "Deztin" solution is used on the surface of finished heads of hard cheeses to counteract mold, in cheese brines and for the treatment of surfaces in contact with finished products (trays, storage containers, boxes, pallets, shelves, etc. ).

In fish processing, the “Deztin” concentrate can be used to add to the primary brine during salting in order to stabilize microbiological parameters and prolong the shelf life. Finished fish products, such as lumpy delicacies after smoking, drying, or before packing, are also processed with the Dezin solution to prevent spoilage from mold, vacuum, etc.

The processing of containers, containers and packaging of products before packaging allows you to additionally prevent the possibility of premature spoilage of the product.

Structure The additive contains no hazardous components (chlorine, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide), and the effect is achieved by imparting antimicrobial properties to cellulose fiber.

Concentrate composition: water, microcrystalline cellulose (E460), iodized table salt.

Product type Concentrate for preparation of working solution.

The appearance of the additive is a light yellow liquid without impurities.

Properties The additive has a pronounced antimicrobial effect against a wide range of microorganisms, including listeria, salmonella, BGKP, yeast, mold, etc.
Application The use of the additive is carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions. More detailed product data are given in the specification. The additive is used in the form of a solution with a concentration of 1: 50 - 1: 100, depending on the initial level of contamination and the method of product processing (aerosol irrigation \ "cold fog" \ immersion in the solution \ soaking) or added to brine when salting fish at the rate of 1 kg of concentrate for 2 tons of brine.

The additive and its solution do not contain volatile components, the active ingredient does not evaporate from the solution.

Release form The concentrate is produced in canisters for food products from polymeric and combined materials with first opening control, net weight from 0.5 to 25 kg. It is recommended to store the concentrate in a tightly sealed original container. Labeling in accordance with TR CU 022/2011 "Food products in terms of their labeling. " The packaging material meets the requirements of TR CU 005/2011 "On the safety of packaging". The packaging material is intended for taring these raw materials and is approved for use in the food industry.
The practice of using the additive "Deztin" The practice of using the additive:

- Irrigation of finished sausage products with a solution of "Deztin" 1: 50 on frames when placed in cooling chambers allowed to increase the shelf life of products when packed in GMR from 29 to 49 days, which made it possible to expand the geography of representation in networks and sales volumes.

- dipping heads of finished hard cheese in a solution of "Deztin" 1: 50 when laying for aging together with the processing of trays and shelves in storage boxes, made it possible to minimize the occurrence of mold on the surface and spoilage of finished products in retail outlets. Whereas in continuous production, up to 15% of the batch were affected by mold seeding and lost their presentation.

- when added to the primary salting brine for fish concentrate "Deztin" for the period of salting (2 days) provided a decrease in the total contamination of the brine and an increase in the shelf life of the product after cutting and packaging by 20% in comparison with the "control" indicators.

- processing 200 ml plastic cups for sour cream made it possible to avoid up to isolated cases the number of mold breakthroughs in the product and to increase the shelf life of the finished product by 10% ; processing was carried out on the line by the "cold fog" method.

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Food additive "Deztin" for surface treatment of fish
Food additive "Deztin" for surface treatment of fish
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