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Biopreparations produced by the company are registered under the trademarks "Imunazot" , "Gribofit", "Florazot" and "Biomestin",   are used in the production of cereals, oilseeds, legumes, in the cultivation of  corn, beets, soybeans, flax, vegetables, fruits and other fruits and vegetables and berry crops.

 Our consumers are peasant farms, greenhouses, wine growers, natural farming centers, nurseries,  horticultural associations that are interested in growing organic products, including dietary and baby food.


OOO Zashchita AgroSoyuz is a steadily developing enterprise. The task of our specialists is the widespread introduction of environmentally friendly technologies for growing and protecting crops and soil.


We are actively cooperating with the Kursk State  Agricultural Academy named after V. I. prof. I. I. Ivanova, Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "All - Russian Research Institute of Agriculture and Soil Erosion Protection", Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture of Crimea".


  LLC Zashchita AgroSoyuz annually takes part in the Kursk Korenskaya Fair. In 2016, the company was awarded the Diploma of the exhibition “Voronezh Manor. Country house. Garden. Garden". In 2017 - 2018 - participants of the regional forum of small and medium - sized businesses. At the Moscow exhibition VDNH "Golden Autumn" in 2018. , 2019 microbiological complex "Imunazot" and "Gribofit" were awarded the "Gold Medal" For the introduction of winter wheat cultivation in the Central Black Earth Region.


The company's mission is to restore soil fertility, ensure high yields, and create conditions for the production of natural products that meet high quality standards.


Biopreparations "Imunazot" , "Gribofit", "Florazot" and "Biomestin" are safe for humans, warm - blooded animals, bees, fish, do not accumulate in plants, soil, do not affect the taste and smell of grown products.


You can work with biological products at any stage of plant development.

and ripe fruits. This provides additional benefits for those looking to grow organic produce.

FLORAZOT is an inoculant intended for pre - sowing treatment of soybean seeds.

An increase in the yield of leguminous crops depends on the provision of nitrogen nutrition to the plant due to the formation of symbiosis with nodule bacteria. In modern technologies for the cultivation of legumes, including soybeans, biological preparations are widely used - inoculants based on active strains of nodule bacteria.

Active ingredient : Bradyrhizobium japonicum (lat. ) - a type of nodule bacteria , saprophytic nitrogen - fixing soybean symbiont ( Glycine max ), one of the most economically important types of bacteria.


Mechanism of action: Bradyrhizobium japonicum enters into symbiosis with the root system of leguminous plants, as a result of which nodules are formed, which fix molecular nitrogen and convert it into an ammonium form assimilable for culture.

The use of the drug makes it possible:

Ø improve the conditions for nitrogen nutrition of legumes due to the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen;

Ø increase the yield of grain and green mass by 10 - 40% ;

Ø increase the protein content in grain by 2 - 3% ;

Ø to provide savings of mineral fertilizers up to 30% ;

Ø increase the content of available nitrogen in the soil for subsequent crops;

Ø use the inoculant together with the biofungicides Imunazot and Gribofit;

Ø Get cost - effective, reliable and environmentally friendly products.

Inoculation is carried out on the day of sowing or the day before. The technology of seed inoculation is carried out by a wet method: the seeds are treated with an aqueous suspension of the preparation. The suspension is prepared based on the corresponding mass of seeds and mixed manually or mechanically.


It should be remembered , that Bradyrhizobium japonicum in liquid forms of drugs susceptible to the action of pesticides and agrochemicals. The use of the inoculant together with the biofungicides " Imunazot" and "Gribofit" contributes to the cultivation of a healthy crop, an increase in productivity and environmentally friendly grain.

The use of bacterial preparations is of great agronomic importance in increasing the productivity of legumes for crop rotation. So, after harvesting legumes, crop residues of plants with a high nitrogen content remain in the field. This not only contributes to its accumulation, but also accelerates the mineralization of the latter, increases the availability of nutrients and increases the yield of subsequent crops.  

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