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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureChina
  • Kind of animalFowl
  • ColorBrown

Flavomitsin of 8% (China) - the fodder antibiotic containing as active ingredient flavofosfolipol in concentration of 8% and auxiliary components. Flavofosfolipol represents the phosphoglycolipidic antibacterial preparation formed by group of gray - green freptomitsin: Streptomyces bambergien - sis, Streptomyces ghanaensis, Streptomyces geysiriensis, Streptomyces ederensis. The preparation termostabilen also keeps activity under extreme conditions (100 "With, 48 hours). The microgranulated powder of brown color which is not raising dust with a typical fungal smell. Let out flavomitsin packaged in kraft - bags on 25 kg.

Pharmacological action. Flavomitsin influences all grampolozhitelny bacteria, leaving live lakto - and bifidobacteria; constrains development of gramotritsatelny bacteria of Salmonella, E. coli. Promotes decrease in extra chromosomal resistance of microorganisms to antimicrobic means that improves their efficiency. Flavomitsin suppresses process of a reproduction of the grampolozhitelny bacteria living in a digestive tract by penetration into biosynthesis of structural substance of a cellular cover of a bacterium which destruction leads to death of a microorganism. Accustoming to a preparation is not established. Flavomitsin does not collect in fabrics and after impact on microorganisms in a digestive tract, is brought from an organism, and then completely decays in the soil.

Indications. It is applied to prevention of gastrointestinal diseases and stabilization of intestinal microflora, increase in additional weights, improvement of use of forages.

Doses and method of application. Flavomitsin enter into a forage at careful two - level hashing on formula - feed plants, through premix and directly in feed - preparation houses of farms in the presence of the corresponding equipment. The preparation is used from daily age until the end of the efficiency period at the rate of gram on compound feed ton in the following doses:

Pigs, calfs of 75 - 200 g/t
Feeding pigs of 37,5 - 60,5 g/t
Laying hens, turkeys of 37,5 - 60,5 g/t
Broilers, geese, ducks of 37,5 - 60,5 g/t
Rabbits, fur animals of 37,5 - 60,5 g/t
KRS on sagination of 37,5 - 200 g/t

Side effects. Are not found.

Contraindications. Are not established.

Special instructions. Flavomitsin is compatible to sulfanylamides, chloramphenicol, tiamuliny, erythromycin, lincomycin, furasolidone and ionoformny koktsidiostatika. Meat of animals and a bird, and also milk and eggs is allowed to be used in the food purposes right after application of a flavomitsin without restrictions on term

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