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Fire extinguishing systems

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The ZEVS group of companies offers services of own specialists in design, installation and service of systems of automatic fire extinguishing of any complexity. Besides we render consulting services for most economically and technically favorable such system for this concrete object.

Automatic installations of fire extinguishing

Automatic installations of fire extinguishing (AUPT) are such installations of fire extinguishing which work when receiving a signal of the fire from technological andor fire sensors in the protected room automatically. Besides, such system pozharotusheniyamozht to be put in action in both the manual, and automatic way at the same time, or only manual in case of failure (except sprinkler installation of fire extinguishing which are put in action only by automatic machine).

Buildings, structures and constructions equip with such system in two a case:

  • if fire elimination by primary means of fight against the fire is impossible;
  • if the service personnel are on the client object not round the clock.

And it is valid, the fire often arises in the place inaccessible or remote for the person. It is one of the reasons for which stationary installations of fire extinguishing often only localize fire. Moreover, a set of such installations are intended for prevention of growth of the fire - it is automatic ognepregrazhdayushchy locks, doors, veils from water, etc. In other words, automatic installations of fire extinguishing demand direct participation of people in fire elimination - experts from fire-fighting crews.

The type of automatic installation of fire extinguishing, type of fire extinguishing substance and way of its giving to the seat of fire are defined according to the operating state norms by the design organization. It also depends on type of the building, its size and parameters of environment.

Installations of fire extinguishing share on foamy, gas, water, aerosol, powder.

Water AUPT

Water AUPT — systems which for fire extinguishing use clear water or water with special additives. They are divided into two subsystems: drencher and sprinkler.

The sprinkler fire extinguishing system implies creation of system of the pipelines filled with water. It is supplied with sprays (sprinklers), closed by a special cap which melts at temperature increase at an initial stage of emergence of fire. Besides, sprinkler installation carries out also function of the automatic fire alarm system. The low-temperature spray works no more than in 5 minutes at a temperature of 57-68 °C, high-temperature - no more than in 10 minutes. Temperature of operation of a sprinkler is defined according to drawing below.

It is important to note that sprinkler installations work regardless of that, there are people indoors during the fire or not. If the area protected by system of this type is big, then the network is divided into sections. At the same time the alarm valve at each section the.

It is important to note water sprinkler systems are filled always only with water and are established only in the heated rooms. As soon as the system works, the first minutes water flows from an automatic water feeder, the subsequent time - water arrives by means of the fire pumps which are filling in the room with the settlement volume of water.

Application of sprinkler installations of fire extinguishing

Spriklerny installations are applied in the following types of rooms:

  • objects with mass stay of people (hotel, shopping and recreation center, offices);
  • warehouses of combustible materials (room of woodworking, textile, knitted production and other types industrial production).

The Drencher Installations of Water Fire Extinguishing (DIWFE) are applied most often in rooms of the increased fire danger. DUVP apply in rooms where it is possible to eliminate the fire only by simultaneous inclusion of means of fire-fighting on all area, and also for an irrigation of vertical surfaces and creation of water veils.

Application of drencher installations of fire extinguishing

Drencher installations are applied in rooms with the increased fire danger:

  • industrial enterprises;
  • warehouses with high-rack storage of materials;
  • tanks with oil products;
  • other rooms.

Foamy AUPT

Foamy installations of fire extinguishing are applied mostly to suppression of combustible liquids in tanks and flammable liquids, combustible substances, and also oil products. Penotusheniye can be applied as in the building, and outside. Drencher installations of foamy APT are applied to local protection of the building and electric devices (including transformers). Drencher and sprinkler installations of foamy and water fire extinguishing the device is similar. However feature of the APT foamy installations is existence of the tank filled with frother. If fire extinguishing elements are in separate tanks, their dosage is carried out by the special mechanism.


Gas AUPT are a set of fire extinguishing means for suppression of fire by means of gas fire extinguishing structure. Structurally happen two types: modular and centralized. Fire extinguishing is established by Modulnyeustanovki directly in the protected or neighboring room, is delivered in a set. The centralized installations of fire extinguishing consist of the separate passported units. The extinguishing substance in both cases - the liquefied or compressed gas.

carbon dioxide nitrogen
hladona argon

Application of gas AUPT

The system of gas fire extinguishing is applied if there is a fear short short circuit or causing damage to the equipment and materials indoors. Refer to those server, storages of data, bank storages, base stations, libraries, the museums, and also at the industrial enterprises where suppression by water inefficiently. Also systems of gas suppression happen two subspecies - modular and centralized. The first apply to small rooms and installations, the second - to shops, warehouses and large installations.

Powder AUPT

Powder AUPT use special fire extinguishing powder as a working body. Are applied to localization and elimination of the fires of classes A, B, C, and also electroinstallations energized. Such installations can be applied both on a site of the room, and to all internal space.

Since the powder system does not provide full elimination of ignition, it is not applied in the following cases:

  • for suppression of the combustible materials inclined to decay and self-ignition (sawdust, grass meal, cotton, paper and so forth);
  • for suppression of the chemicals, mixes and polymers inclined to decay and burning without access to oxygen.

Aerosol AUPT

Installation of a fire extinguishing system of aerosol type is used in various climatic conditions and are rather easy to use also to installation, belonging to installations of modular type. Aerosol ability to fire extinguishing. These systems are convenient, easy in installation, have a wide temperature range of application, have rather low price and are rather durable.

Application of aerosol fire extinguishing

Usually aerosol system is applied on industrial facilities as alternative to other systems of fire safety.

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Fire extinguishing systems
Fire extinguishing systems
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