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Ukraine, Dnipro
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Finishing works - front Our company carries out construction front works in Dnipropetrovsk and area. Front works in Dnipropetrovsk, finishing of facades, repair of facades, reconstruction of facades, facing of a facade, all types of front works. We carry out front types of works: warming, front plaster, painting, covering siding. All complex of works on the device of facades, repair of facades in Dnipropetrovsk. Hard putty, warming by polyfoam and other works. Sealing of interpanel seams in Dnipropetrovsk. Sealing of interpanel seams in Dnipropetrovsk. At production of facades such materials as a stone, a siding, panels, plaster, a facing brick are applied.
Warming of a facade polyfoam, expanded polystyrene in Dnipropetrovsk is the most widespread way of warming of walls of the building. The facade of the building can be warmed in three ways: internal warming, external warming, warming designs in a wall.
All types of front finishing in Dnipropetrovsk: - Finishing of facades stone - Finishing of facades brick (brick facades) - Finishing of facades siding. A siding — facing material in the form of horizontal panels. There can be a vinyl, metal, steel, wooden siding, a cement siding. - Plaster, decorative finishing of a facade - A wooden siding for private houses
Plaster of facades in Dnipropetrovsk can be executed by the following materials: mineral plasters, polymeric plasters, mosaic decorative plasters, structural plaster, kameshkovy plaster, "bark beetle".
The facade in Dnipropetrovsk can be executed by different types of front finishing: brick, stone, wooden (from bars, logs, etc.), monolithic - the concrete, plastered (painted), translucent, heat-insulating composite with a thin external plaster layer (WDVS, EIFS, ETICS, SFTK, ShTIFS), hinged ventilated facades with facing: - porcelain tile; - aluminum composite panels; - fibrotsementny finishing panels; - metalcartridges; - siding; - blokhauzy, decorative board or lining; - on arms from stainless steel (A4, DUPLEX), with facing by a front brick or other melkoshtuchny materials.
For art finishing of facades in Dnipropetrovsk use a stucco molding, tiles, decorative or usual plaster, finishing by a stone, coloring.
For front works you can recognize quotations by phone. If you want to learn the prices of front works in Dnipropetrovsk, contact our manager.
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Finishing works - fron
Finishing works - fron
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