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Finishing of surfaces

Finishing of surfaces

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Finishing finishing of surfaces with use of decorative materials demands careful observance of all provided operations and performance of the most various works. Therefore the tool for putting decorative plaster is necessary not that especially specific, but qualitative and combining a possibility of its application for performance of various tasks.

One of them is the trowel made of stainless steel.
By means of a trowel for putting the Venetian plaster drawing and leveling of decorative plaster is carried out, and also other operations connected with receiving a relief on a surface can be carried out.
Other, not less important tools, the various pallets for plaster who are used for drawing and alignment of material are.
When putting the Venetian plaster a little changed option - the pallet for the Venetian plaster representing the metal shovel polished on both sides is applied.
As for "Venetian" who differs in difficult technology of drawing, the tool for the Venetian plaster is used same as listed above. In addition materials can be necessary for polishing of a surface.
Better to understand what tool for decorative plaster is necessary, is the simplest to remember technology of its drawing. So, when putting bark beetle plaster for creation of drawing the grater moved definitely along a surface of the applied plaster is used.
It is necessary to mention a way of putting plaster the roller. In this case the roller acts as the multipurpose tool - it is used at the most different operations, beginning from a primer of walls, and further as the tool for plaster of walls.

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Finishing of surfaces
Finishing of surfaces
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