Buy Fertilizer organic mineral complex Ekoplant (Ekoplant)
Fertilizer organic mineral complex Ekoplant (Ekoplant)

Fertilizer organic mineral complex Ekoplant (Ekoplant)

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Ukraine, Dneprodzerzhinsk
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Weight40 kg

Ekoplant environmentally friendly, non-chlorine, complex mineral fertilizer of a phytogenesis.
Content of nutrients:

― % P-5 phosphorus
― potassium K ― in the range of 28-41%

― % Ca-13 calcium, 
― % S-12 sulfur
― % Mg-9 magnesium

- iron (Fe-1,34 of g/kg of 0,134%)
- pine forest (B-1000mg/kg 0,1%)
― zinc (Zn-900mg/kg 0,09%)
― copper (Cu-240mg/kg 0,024%)
― manganese (Mn-150mg/kg 0,015%)
― it is lame (Sr-6,3mg/kg 0,00063%)
― molybdenum (Mo-1,5mg/kg 0,00015%)
― cobalt (So-0,37mg/kg 0,000037%).

The total maintenance of batteries makes not less than 70% (the rest ― humus organic)

The main active ingredient — potassium (K2O) in number of 28-41% in a form of carbonates (K2CO3) and sulfates (K2SO4), water-soluble and readily available for plants.

The granulated organo-mineral fertilizer, the size of granules ― 1-3 mm
There is no chlorine that allows to introduce fertilizer under cultures, sensitive to chlorine — potatoes, tomatoes, lyon, vegetables, fruit and berry, etc.
Potassium contains in a readily available form for food of plants
Effectively apply on sour soils, rn 10-11
Has property of an after-effect (so-called "long-playing" effect)
"Ekoplant" reduces the content of nitrates in fruits, reduces accumulation of radionuclides, promotes synthesis of vitamins, enriches with useful minerals, improves resistance of plants to cold, a drought, diseases, normalizes acidity of the soil.
Why it is more favorable to choose Ekoplant?
― contain all complex of necessary nutrients;
― does not contain pathogenic microflora, seeds of weeds, eggs and larvae of causative agents of diseases;
― has a possibility of local machine introduction by production agricultural machinery (granules of 1-3 mm; 3-6 mm);
― it does not slezhivatsya, it is not subject to self-warming and self-ignition,
― the expiration date is not limited, practically do not teryait the properties even after packing opening;
― environmentally friendly, have no strong unpleasant smell;
― are nontoxical, at skin contact do not exert an adverse effect on a human body.


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Fertilizer organic mineral complex Ekoplant (Ekoplant)
Fertilizer organic mineral complex Ekoplant (Ekoplant)
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