Buy Essential oil of the Lemon of Limonovo oil/Oleum Limonis/
Essential oil of the Lemon of Limonovo oil/Oleum Limonis/

Essential oil of the Lemon of Limonovo oil/Oleum Limonis/

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Ukraine, Lugansk
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  • Aromalampa: 5-8 to. on 15 m ² (at a hypertension, sleeplessness, fatigue, catarrhal diseases, for neutralization of a tobacco smoke)
  • Bathtubs are the general: 5-7 to. on ½ h l of salt, soda, honey, sour milk (at catarrhal diseases, rheumatism; carrying out the anti-cellulite program, removal of slags, weight reduction).
  • Bathtubs for legs: 3-4 to.
  • Massage: 5 to. on 10 ml. oils of grape seeds or soy oil (muscular pains after physical activity, rheumatism, a varicose illness).
  • Compresses water: 5-7 to. on 150 ml of water (a varicose illness, herpes, nasal bleedings, area of pain).
  • Febrifugal compresses on a forehead, gastrocnemius muscles: 4-5 drops on 0,5 liters of water of room temperature.
  • Application on gums: 5 to. on 10 ml of oil of grape seeds or soy oil.
  • Rinsings: 2-3 to on 200 ml of warm water.
  • Enrichment of cosmetics: 5-8 to. on 15 ml. cream, lotion, tonic (acne, pigmentary spots).
  • Intake: 1 to. on 1 h l. sugar, honey. To accept 2 rubles a day after food to Wash down with tea, juice or fermented milk product (it is bilious - and urolithic diseases, a headache, atherosclerosis, a hypertension, weight reduction, cleaning of slags, food poisonings, etc.)
  • Course 21 days, further break of 7-14 days
  • Inhalations: hot - 1-2 to. (6-10 min.), cold - 5-7 min.
  • Massage: 4-7 to on 10 ml of basic oil;
  • Mask for hair: 5-7 to. to mix with oil of grape seeds (5-7 ml), to apply on hair partings on head skin, to wrap up with food wrap, to leave for 10-15 min.
  • Face pack: 2-3 to on 5 ml of oil of grape seeds or soy oil, evenly to put on a face, to leave for 5 min.
  • At an acne: 5 to. on 2 h l. to add honey to boiled water 36-37 ºС. To grease the damaged places with solution twice a day.
  • Damp wrappings: 10 to on 500 ml of water to wet and wring out a sheet, to wrap up a body 3-4 times.
  • Cosmetic ice: 5-7 to. to add to 100 ml of water, to fill in in a portion form, to freeze. To wipe a face, a neck, a decollete zone.
  • Deodorant: 10-12 to on 100 ml of natural water of a camomile or a sage to irrigate or wipe with the moistened napkin the sites inclined to the increased sweating (not to put before an exit to a bright sun).
  • Aromaraschesyvaniye: to apply in pure form on teeth of a hairbrush or 1:1 with oil of grape seeds, to comb, since tips of hair.
  • Applications for bleaching of skin: 10 to a lemon and 10 to vegetable oil to add to 1 tsp of damp clay. To apply locally on area of hyperpegmentation.
  • Fragrant ice for drinks: 4 to. lemon oils on 5 tablespoons of sugar, 1 cut lemon, 2 h l. green tea (or 4 ready bags), 2 liters of hot water. To insist 6 hours. To filter. To drink as the independent refreshing drink, or to freeze in the form of fragrant cubes for preparation of drinks.
  • Intake: 5-7 to. to mix from 50 ml of honey, jam, oil, to accept 0,5 tsps of mix in the morning and in the evening. To wash down with juice, kefir, tea.
  • Aromatization of dough products: 2-3 to.
  • Tea aromatization: 5-7 to. on 100 gr. tea.

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Essential oil of the Lemon of Limonovo oil/Oleum Limonis/
Essential oil of the Lemon of Limonovo oil/Oleum Limonis/
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