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Ension walls of Saros Design of CUES

Ension walls of Saros Design of CUES

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ension walls of Saros Design of CUES


Stretch ceilings Kiev "Saros Ukraina" with andthe rt-press is a combination of traditions of ancient ceiling painting of times of Andrei Rublyov and the newest technologies of the press what and solvent ink on cloths of PVC which are established in record-breaking fast lines - of half an hour till three o'clock!

Every day there are more and more residents of Ukraine and Kiev come to a conclusion that stretch ceilings are not only stylishly, but also it is favorable both on money, and on service after installation - within 10 years of a guarantee you should wipe only it only once! And at the same time everyone can create the unique ceiling under the unique style - in this case stretch ceilings with the art press can satisfy even the most exacting client thanks to high-quality technologies of the press with what and solvent ink and to huge opportunities of constructional forms of a ceiling.

Not the secret for anybody that the most part of year because of features of climate from fall to spring us is surrounded by gloomy shades gray and even more often comes to this period thought of creation of the house - a green oasis of peace. For this purpose you can use a subject of stretch ceilings - soft pastel tone and the invoice on a ceiling will create a cosiness and decorated with a panorama of the blossoming Oriental cherry or a bamboo grove of a wall will transfer you to a corner of rest lovely to heart and rest.

Agree that even the thought of it already calms you and pacifies and you have only a step to implementation of this dream!

If yes, that you needed only to come to cozy office of the Saros Ukraine company. Here you are expected by already ready carried-out projects of stretch ceilings and tension walls with interesting options of the art press, and also free consultations of managers of a komapaniya - ssovetami as it is the best of all for you to equip yours internally space!

We remind that the Saros Ukraine company under the SAROS DESIGN trademark is proizvoditelemnatyazhny ceilings and at present widely uses on the cloths the art press on the large-format plotter on invoices of PVC. Ink which uses at the press - what and solvent, and they meet all sanitary and hygienic standards and possess high resistance to influence of light and moisture.

The art press is made on opaque invoices, and also on sateen and varnish. On your taste you can choose the invoice, suitable for your house, and a dizaynila to use free consultation of our designers.

As for existence of specific painty smells, invoices with an art common seal of Saros Ukraine are absolutely deprived of a smell that is very important for rooms where constantly there are people. At the same time, such ceilings will bring vivacity of moods and emotions in your dwelling. In principle, any images - as a photo can be applied to an illustration of the famous artists of the Era of Renesans and modern painters (samples of various options are available to downloading on the website or on demand) on a surface of a stretch ceiling in Kiev and area and, and drawing on a stretch ceiling of the image will be the embodiment of your individual taste and a fine element of a decor. Be not afraid to dream, any your dream with pleasure realizuyutmenedzher of Saros Ukraine!

Do not forget and that except a stretch ceiling the increasing popularity is gained by tension walls - one more element which can be used safely in an interior of your room, for example having decorated part of a window or a niche under a stained-glass window.

We pay your attention that more than 2 thousand the most popular images can be found in the thematic SAROS Design.Perechislim catalogs the main of them which are available in paper option (in electronic form the base of images is updated every month and makes more 3rd terabyte of archival files)

The DEKOR ART catalog is graceful ornaments in classical style of different eras and ethnoses. There are such styles as baroque, the Renaissance, the East - the Byzantine style and graceful openwork Arab arabesques.

The UNREAL ART catalog is a fantasy and surrealism in the spirit of Salvador Dalí.

The SKY ART catalog - is devoted to the hottest topic - "the sky and space". Fine photos of clouds and beams of the sun in an environment of juicy green foliage of the wood choose most often, they will heat you even in winter cold evenings, and the subject of space and boundless open spaces of the far Universes of none of us will not leave indifferent!

We pay your attention that, the images presented in catalogs are already adapted under features of installation of a stretch ceiling though you can use the variantypr a condition that your copies will be provided in excellent quality taking into account features of a stretch ceiling or wall.

And one more moment which should be considered at the order of a stretch ceiling with Art-pechatyyu-Pri the order of stretch ceilings with the Art press Kiev it is desirable to do a coloring test that the printed colors corresponded the desirable. At refusal of a coloring test the Saros Ukraine company does not bear responsibility for the actual color rendition of the image.

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Ension walls of Saros Design of CUES
Ension walls of Saros Design of CUES
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