Buy Energy-saving ventilation: industrial and household
Energy-saving ventilation: industrial and household

Energy-saving ventilation: industrial and household

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandClimtec
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Productivity40-7560 m³/h

Manufacture and install ventilation systems for houses, flats, offices, industrial and commercial premises, public buildings . They are designed for comfort and normalcy of indoor climate parameters: temperature, humidity, cleanness, air velocity, fresh air, noise, lack of harmful bacteria and malodor.

Installation of this system eliminates all these common problems:

  1. Mold and condensation on the windows and in the bathroom.
  2. Increased air dustiness.
  3. Fresh air temperature without loss.
  4. air heating when inappropriate use of the main heating.


The basis of the system - rotary heat exchanger . Its working principle is that the passage of air flows inside the heat exchanger through the rotary heat exchanger, the warm exhaust air gives its heat to the cold supply air. When operating in summer, rotary recuperator air conditioning process occurs. In addition to the recuperator is selected and installed pipework system for even distribution of air throughout the room. The remote control makes using the system quickly and easily.

For home use is a series of Home - it's air handling units are manufactured in three sizes, depending on the area of coverage and usage. Power allows you to distribute the heat exchanger inlet air up to 300 square meters. Home Recuperators series may have different power and size - it all depends on the amount of space and functionality exchanger. Recuperators Home series, depending on the method and attachment points are divided into: horizontal, vertical and underceiling.

For industrial use is a series PROMO, which carries out the recovery of thermal energy on a large industrial areas, plants produced in different models, depending on the functional requirements. Industrial recuperators are available in two types: vertical and horizontal capacities up to 7560 m³ / h. Among the types of solutions can be identified: the installation of the heat exchanger in the workshop production, office centers or public buildings (schools, kindergartens, shops). Own design office will help in the selection of an efficient heat exchanger configuration. After studying the TOR and the object, which will be installed ventilation and heat recovery system, we will be able to optimize your costs and offer a better solution.

Individual series - equipment for the integration of the heat recovery installation in the production process . It is used in cases where the heat generated in the production is released into the atmosphere, thereby contaminating the environment and losing the possibility to heat the premises according to warmth. On the economic side, you lose heat, which invested purchasing power, labor personnel. Recuperator Individual Sets solve the problem of heat recovery, purification of harmful substances through the filter. A clean and heated air received through the recovery may be returned to the production process for heating a building or any other problems.

Advantages of our rotating heat exchanger manufacturing

- Adaptability under the climate of Ukraine and CIS countries.

- all season. It can be used as a warm period for recovery of cold air, and the cold period for recovery of warm air.

- High energy efficiency at low energy consumption (efficiency 84%).

- Power control.

- Management heat recovery rate.

- Easy and simple to install, manage and maintain.

- Quiet operation, thanks to the German fans.

- Built-fine filters class F5 air purification, which cut off the dust, insects, harmful substances.

- Ingress Protection IP24, allowing operation of the unit without constant supervision, in wet areas.

- Minimum combustion air from the heating element of heating.

Stages of the project

1. Assessment of the area and selection of a suitable model of the rotary heat exchanger.

2. Development of project documentation for the ventilation system, heating and air conditioning, according to the statement.

3. Production unit.

4. Mounting and installation of the ventilation system.

5. Guidance and recommendations for use.

6. Warranty and post-warranty service.

The cost of the equipment and all work is evaluated individually. For the price of houses and apartments range from 3000 to 60 000 UAH. Please contact us by phone - and the manager will be for you to preliminary calculation of our products and services.

Payback period of the installation - 2-3 years.

Maintenance of the heat exchanger should be performed 1-2 times a year.

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Energy-saving ventilation: industrial and household
Energy-saving ventilation: industrial and household
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