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EK-130/2000 press extruder

EK-130/2000 press extruder

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EK - 130/2000 press extruder
The press - an extruder of EK - 130/2000 is intended for production of vegetable oils from seeds of sunflower, soy, colza, a turtle - dove, a peanut, pumpkin sunflower seeds, the pine nut and other agricultural cultures containing vegetable oil.

Uniqueness of installation consists that application excludes it the whole group of the additional equipment: veyka, rollings, braziers, and considering that the above - mentioned equipment is a consumer of the electric power, that application of our installation reduces energy consumption by 3 - 5 times.

Having EK - 130/2000 extruder in economy, need to contact oil extraction plants - monopolists disappears and at the minimum expenses to receive premium oil - the. By means of a press the receiving sunflower oil according to state standard specification 1129 - 93, i. e. the premium which is not refined is guaranteed. Technological process allows to keep all useful substances in the final product (vitamins, proteins, carotinoids, polynonsaturated fatty acids etc. ). At the same time in economy there is a cake - a forage for animals with the high content of a crude protein, i. e. proteinaceous weight.
Production of the enterprise differs in the raised output characteristics, reliability in operation, fast self - sufficiency, convenience and simplicity in the address.

· Productivity - 1000 kg/h (on sunflower)

· Overall dimensions - 4200х1400х1300 (mm)

· Power consumption is - 46 kW, 380 V

· An oil exit (at a maslichnost of seeds of sunflower of 50% ) - 36 - 40%

· Weight to - 2500 kg

· Service personnel - 1 person.

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EK-130/2000 press extruder
EK-130/2000 press extruder
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