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Duplicate of registration plate

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The duplicate of autonumber is a registration plate which is made instead of the lost or become useless state number. It conforms to all state standard specifications necessary standards therefore its installation on the car is absolutely lawful.

The mute claims that today in Ukraine there are more than 1900 cases of loss or damage of automobile signs of vehicles. At the same time, in 70% of cases is a loss, in 28% - damages at accidents, and in the remained 2% - theft, damage, etc.

If to you there was one of above-mentioned troubles, then the order of duplicates of number will become the fastest and most favorable solution!

Services in production of duplicates of the lost sign which in Kiev are offered by the Gosnomer company will be able to help with it.

Minuses of restoration and restoration

In the legislation of Ukraine GOST of registration plate is specified. According to this state standard specification, number surely has to be with a reflecting film and the hologram. However, procedure of their restoration is very difficult and tiresome. It is almost impossible to return the former and not shabby number. Generally, procedure of a complete recovery of old number is impossible.

After restoration defects on a car number are guaranteed. Registration plates cannot be painted because of the film reflecting light. Paint will only aggravate a situation with it, and "will finally finish" number. It is necessary correctly to manage to paint number, without having touched a film, and it very risky and tiresomely.

The best decision

The Gosnomer company offers service production of the duplicate of number in Kiev very quickly and absolutely cheap. This service has a large amount of favorable advantages as to replace number on new much easier, than to restore old. This option is more economic both in financial, and in the provisional plan. The duplicates made by our enterprise are completely certified and correspond to the state samples.

Our enterprise takes an emphasis on production of duplicates of the state autonumbers, making both usual, and transit duplicates. You can order the duplicate as in the single copy, and at once a little that in case of repeated damage of one of signs quickly to replace them on the place.

To use our services, it is necessary to provide the small list of documents:

  1. The remained car number to make just the same (if duplicates of both numbers are necessary, then the sign should not be provided).
  2. The passport proving the identity of the owner of autonumbers.
  3. Those. passport.

Important: after production of duplicates you hand over old numbers to us, and we send them for further utilization. This procedure is obligatory.

Most quickly we will make duplicates of your number in Kiev of any necessary form of the standatr stated above. We do duplicates of autonumbers for motorcycles, automobile and lorries, trailers and special equipment. The duplicate will correspond completely to state standard specification and will be ready to use in day of production.

Order our services right now and receive service of the European level! We are always glad to each client and we will be able to offer service of the European quality for a moderate payment. We wait for calls!

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Duplicate of registration plate
Duplicate of registration plate
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