Buy Dryer drum for sawdust, coal, sand, ashes, slag
Dryer drum for sawdust, coal, sand, ashes, slag

Dryer drum for sawdust, coal, sand, ashes, slag

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureUkraine

 The LLC Engineering Trade company is engaged in production of Dryer drums of the equipment for drying practically of any kind of raw materials:

- wood waste, wood spill, straw, agrowaste, sand, clay, ashes ablation, clay, coal dust, dump slag, chicken dung, peat, plaster, limestone.

Productivity can fluctuate from 150 kg/h to 10 tons/hour.

Quality of production is reached due to use of modern technologies, high qualification of personnel, the developed control system at all production phases from the entrance analysis of input products and materials before carrying out tests of the ready equipment. Own production and the experience accumulated by specialists of LLC Engineering Trade allow to satisfy any technological needs of the customer.

Our experts will FREE OF CHARGE consult you on the questions interesting you, namely:

  • will pick up the equipment necessary for you;
  • will specify energy consumption of these knots;
  • will provide a schematic arrangement of the equipment;
  • will specify features of this business;
  • will specify the cost of the equipment and existence it in warehouses;

The most part of the equipment is available. Term of production of the missing equipment of 5 - 20 working days.

Short list of production of LLC Engineering Trade:

- Dryer drums (productivity is from 150 kg/h to 7 tons/hour) for drying: sand, slag, plaster, ashes ablation, clay, mineral fertilizers, grain, wheat, agrowaste, wood, sawdust, tyrsa, peat, straw, etc.

- Cyclone dust collector;

- The conveyor is conveyor;

- Conveyor screw;

- Shnekovy conveyor;

- Tape conveyor;

- The copper is the industrial, thermal generator;

- Noriya;

- The mixer is multicomponent, universal;

- Packing installations in bags also big - run;

- Automatic control system and programming;

- Services on are flexible profile and sheet metal;

- Turning works of any complexity;

- Silo industrial any sizes and appointments;

- System of ventilation and filtration;

- Equipment for pro - sowing of bulks and fractionation;

- Roar industrial;

- A crusher disk (shcheporez) for a tree, straw, sawdust, branches;

- Crusher molotkovy (spill, tree, sawdust, bark wood, canes, straw, agrowaste);

- The line for production fuel pellet;

- The line for production of fuel briquettes;

- Rollers for all types of conveyors and conveyors;

- The line for drying and preparation of compound feeds;

- The line for cement packing;

- The line for drying and packing of sawdust, corn, straw, colza, grain;

- The line for drying and packing of sand, clay, ashes ablation, slag elimination;

- The line for production of dry construction mixes;

- The industrial vacuum cleaner for any kind of raw materials and any humidity and the size;

- Accumulative bunker and silo of any volume and configuration.

Our experts will free of charge consult you, will provide information maximum, a schematic arrangement, energy consumption and will answer all your questions.

The equipment practically always is in existence therefore you have an opportunity to see, estimate, introduce amendments and the wishes until signing of the contract. You order the equipment not according to "pictures", and on the real, operating equipment samples.

Contact phones:

(095) 724 - 33 - 55, (068)769 - 60 - 19 - Alexander.

It is more than information on our website: engi - kiev. com

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Dryer drum for sawdust, coal, sand, ashes, slag
Dryer drum for sawdust, coal, sand, ashes, slag
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