Order Drawing up declarations on the VAT
Drawing up declarations on the VAT

Drawing up declarations on the VAT

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Drawing up declarations on the VAT

THAT we OFFER (proceeding from the 10th summer experience):

  1. registration of the enterprises and natural persons;

  2. maintaining tax, accounting of the enterprises (Ltd company and state of emergency) and SPD (a uniform tax and the general-ma from the taxation);

  3. introduction of changes of the account in connection with adoption of the Tax Code;

  4. submission of reports on zp and in tax on firms and individuals;

  5. export operations;

  6. charge of a salary to the employees, account and payment;

  7. formation of a package of documents on realization;

  8. document flow control;

  9. interaction with supervisory authorities;

  10. charge arendny_kh platezhy to tenants;

  11. management of finance.

Skills and achievements:

  • optimization of expenses;

  • closing of debts;

  • application of the legislation in activity

  1. daily extract of a package of documents on realization;

  2. accounting of a warehouse and carrying out weekly and annual inventories;

  3. formation of the register of the tax credit and obligations of the enterprise and adjustments;

  4. extract of powers of attorney;

  5. registration of import and export operations weekly;

  6. writing of the outgoing mail;

  7. accounting of bank operations.

Skills and achievements:

  • Experience in large production company

  1. maintaining tax and accounting of fixed assets (in t of the h depreciation charge)

  2. charge of the tax credit

  3. verification with suppliers

  4. sale of fixed assets

  5. formation of the tax obligation

  6. acquisition and write-off of the invaluable and fast-wearing-out objects

Skills and achievements:

  • acquisition of experience in the large organization with many-sided system

  • obtaining ability to analyze, study and cope with a large number of information

  1. preparation, the press and registration of the entering and outgoing mail;

  2. preparation and printing of contracts;

  3. printing of orders of accounting, personnel, office work appointment;

  4. preparation and printing of protocols on financial decisions of the management;

  5. maintaining cash discipline;

  6. preparation and control of imprests of workers before the organization;

  7. charge and delivery of compensation;

  8. preparation of administrative reports to the management;

  9. delivery of financial, tax, statistical statements;

  10. carrying out operations on purchase of foreign currency and transfer of a foreign currency in payment to the international organizations

Skills and achievements:

  • acquisition of administrative experience

  • acquisition of experience of comprehensive work of the organization in general

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Drawing up declarations on the VAT
Drawing up declarations on the VAT
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