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DN 6,3 smoke exhausters

DN 6,3 smoke exhausters

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DN 6,3 smoke exhausters
Fans of smoke removal of the DN series (centrifugal smoke exhausters of unilateral absorption) are intended for removal of gases from fire chambers of boiler units and oil-gas boiler units. Conditions of long work according to admissible norms: a temperate climate (climatic use At), compliance of GOST 15150-69 and category of placement 2, temperature of gases on an entrance to the smoke exhauster to 200 °C. At start temperature in a snail should not be below -30 °C, it is above 40 °C.
More dense walls of a snail, than the VDN series have centrifugal tyagoduyny cars of unilateral absorption of DN. DN smoke exhausters are intended for absorption of gaseous products of combustion of fuel at effective system of a zoloulavlivaniye, the driving wheel is protected from abrasive action of particles in ozolenny gases (reinforced shovels are covered with a firm alloy for antiwear protection). Driving wheels of DN smoke exhausters self-clean, differ twice in bigger wear resistance in what at model D (under similar service conditions).
Fans of smoke removal of DN 6,3 with a diameter of driving wheel of 630 mm have such main technical characteristics:
Total pressure of 88 kPa, productivity of 5102 m3/hour (at the maximum efficiency and atmospheric pressure of 1013 of a gp, the most admissible temperature of combustion gases (200 °C) with a density of 0,75 kg/m3, open completely directing device).
Power is 5,5 kW, the maximum frequency of rotation is 1500 turns an hour.
The mass of the DN 6,3 smoke exhauster makes 490 kg.
DN 6,3 smoke exhausters are intended for exhaustion of combustion gases from coppers on solid fuel with a steam generating capacity of 2,5-25 t/hour, 1000 and 750 kW and for oil-gas coppers. They are equipped with effective system of a zoloulavlivaniye with extent of purification of gases not less than 90%.
DN 6,3 smoke exhausters are used both for single and to parallel work on character of curves of a total pressure, manufactured the right or left rotation (right - clockwise if to take a detached view the electric motor).
DN smoke exhauster knots: the case, the driving wheel (a krylchatka and a nave), an entrance branch pipe (collector), Staten, the engine, a snail directing the device. DN 6,3 smoke exhausters without running gear, the driving wheel sits down directly on an electric motor shaft.
Krylchatka consists of 16 recurved stamped shovels, they settle down between the radical and covering disks.
The nave from an iron casting is stuck by rivets to the main disk, fastens assembled with a krylchatka on a shaft of a running gear a spline, a washer and the bolt wrapped in an end face of a shaft of a running gear. Naves have shlitsevy grooves that prevents excessive heating of shaft and forward bearings of the electric motor therefore DN are used as smoke exhausters for suction of hot gases. Shaft and naves are cooled with air, normal temperature conditions for operation of forward bearings of the electric motor are provided in spite of the fact that the DN 6,3 smoke exhauster without running gear.
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DN 6,3 smoke exhausters
DN 6,3 smoke exhausters
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