Buy Distiller "Spirtmash of SM-1
Distiller "Spirtmash of SM-1

Distiller "Spirtmash of SM-1

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Productivity of the device is up to 3 l/hour.
Distiller height together with the 13th liter tank – 64 cm.
Diameter of a pipe is 38 mm.
The distiller of CM1 consists of several blocks that gives us the chance to replace blocks or to establish new (for example, a rectifying column for receiving alcohol 96.6 c).

Complete set:

  • Distiller.
  • Distillation cube with the built-in crane.
  • Analog and electronic thermometers.
  • Connecting flange.
  • Connecting collar with laying.
  • Silicone hose.
  • Silicone, heat-resistant, food laying.
  • Maintenance instruction.
  • Certificate.

Production offered by us is made of high-quality food stainless steel, with thickness of walls 1,5-3mm. Therefore it is not oxidized in hostile environment and is not deformed at high temperatures. It concerns both the distiller, and a tank on which it is established.

The bottom of a tank consists of two sheets of stainless steel between which there are several layers of high-heat-conducting aluminum that its uniform heating is promoted on any by a plate (gas, electric, induction, ceramic).

Distiller of "CM1" allows us to receive distillate with a high exit to (70-90ob.) alcohol at the expense of the built-in precooler.

The percentage of alcohol planned by us in distillate is reached or by regulation of power of the brought heat or change of speed of the water pumped on coolings.

Indications of thermometers, help us to regulate and monitor distillation process.

The analog thermometer is installed on a cover of a distillation tank, and the electronic thermometer is installed in the top part of a distiller, for control of the coming-out vapors.

In our shop you can always buy a distiller of "CM1" with tanks of the following sizes:
13 l - the price are 8400 UAH.
20 l - the price are 9840 UAH.
25 l - the price are 10080 UAH.
36 l - the price are 10560 UAH.

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Distiller "Spirtmash of SM-1
Distiller "Spirtmash of SM-1
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